55 Bathroom Countertop Ideas

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55 Bathroom Countertop Ideas

How To Pick Bathroom Faucets + Master Bathroom Reno Before & After

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It has been so exciting to reveal to you, room by room, what this house now looks like! The transformation is amazing, and I think you’re being to realize that! By now, you’ve already seen our new kitchen and guest bath. I’m so glad you like them, by the way! …and in those episodes, you […]

The 0 bedroom, 0 bathroom micro man cave – Offbeat Spaces video

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DEREK DIEDRICKSON: My name’s Derek Diedrickson. Right now, we’re outside of Boston. And I’m a carpenter, tinkerer, microarchitecturer. Something between those lines. Basically, the start of all this, I think– when I was a kid I used to build a lot of forts. And somewhere around that same point in time, when Nintendo first came […]

Simple Solutions for the Home

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On today’s show, simple solutions to upgrade your home. How to see the light of day through your windows, going green with blue, a tried-and-true favorite gets a modern makeover. How to help keep your home cleaner and healthier enhancing the quality of your indoor air and making sure your outdoor have lots of curb […]

21 Stunning Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

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21 Stunning Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

How to Buy and Select Luxury Glass Shower Doors – Shower Doors 101 How To

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When we first started the designing process of the bathroom, I just wanted it to be a calm spa-like setting, very soothing, in a Mediterranean feel. I think when you walk in, in see the large pillars with the shower in between, it’s just a very inviting atmosphere. The biggest consideration was really that it […]

Frameless Shower Door Install – Inline Panel / Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

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Behind the Design: Charcoal Chic Bathroom (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

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Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah Off The Grid Season Two! Okay you’ve seen the first episode. The coolest thing ever was being able to paint those faucets! So here’s a little story, Dominic who owns Rubinet and I […]

Children’s Bathroom Mural : Draw a Plan for a Child’s Bathroom Mural

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After we’ve done our research at the local aquarium and you’ve read some books at the library, we’re ready to start getting our ideas down on paper and by this I mean doing a nice little test drawing of what our mural is going to look like. Now if you yourself are not artistically inclined, […]

12×8 Bathroom design/ floor, countertop, shower, wall , door, toilet, washroom,tour,

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Hello Friends Welcome to muy channel “Marble Guruji Jitendra Sharma” in this video, I show you a high-class bathroom and flooring design as you see pink marble in the starting of video, that marble was creama Marfil marble it is a costly Italian marble tiles have been also used in this bathroom tiles pieces at […]