Hansgrohe Technical Tip: How to descale a hand shower

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Technical Tip: How to descale a hand shower Should the hand shower be scaled after a long period of use or due to water hardness, it needs to be descaled. Proceed like this: Remove the hand shower from the hose, fill some descaler in a flat bowl put in the hand shower up to the […]

How to Install a Bathroom Sink Drain | Repair and Replace

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Hi I’m Stephany and welcome to Repair and Replace, your online resource for quick and easy repairs. Today we’re going to install a drain in a bathroom sink. To begin you’ll need a drain, plumbers putty, channel lock pliers, a plastic container and a cloth. The drain collar, or flange, helps connect the waste pipe […]

How To Throw A Baby Shower with Heather Dubrow [Real Housewives]

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(lighthearted music) – I am throwing a baby shower today. Okay, so how do you throw a baby shower for the girliest girl that I know who’s pink and sparkly and she has two beautiful little girls and she’s having a boy? Well, I went through lots of ideas. Do I do a camo party? […]


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Hi sist- You already fuc*ked up you idiot You have to do it with me dumbass N O P E That’s what I just asked you though *laugh* and you said it was okay, Hi bro- sist- ers- ers One more time Hi bro- sist- ers- ers Hi brothe- Hi- oh F*ck what the f*ck […]

How To Install A Shower Base – DIY At Bunnings

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I’m gonna show you how to install a shower base into our bathroom. For this we’re going to need the following items of tools and equipment: some cement mixing gear, some battery powered tools, some hand tools, some nails, our shower base, some framing timber, a saw stool. I got my level of course, but […]

Clean Bathroom Taps | How to do Home Easy tap Cleaning routine Tips and Tricks

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How to Clean Bathroom Taps | Home speed Cleaning routine Tips and Tricks

DIY Bathtub Caddy With Wine Glass Holder – HGTV Happy

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How to Tile a Bathroom Floor | DIY Bathroom Remodel

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– My name’s Aaron Massey from mrfixitdiy.com, and welcome back to another episode of Home School. For today’s project, I’m gonna show you how to tile a bathroom floor. (whooshing) (lively rock music) This project is brought to you by WD-40, above and beyond the legendary signature blue and yellow can, WD-40 company has a […]

How to Replace a Set Screw for a Reliant Bath and Shower

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In this video we will show you how to replace the set screw for your Reliant bath and shower kit. Start by loosening the setscrew within the handle with your 2.5 millimeter hex wrench and take off the handle. With the handle off, take out the set screw all the way and replace it with […]

How to take a shower in Minecraft! (no mods!)

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hey guys my name is Simon and today it’s Wednesday so here’s a new tutorial for you today I decided to bring to you a new concept this concept is about a shower as you can see I’ve already built this nice-looking bathroom is a toilet there’s ok the sound scared me there’s a little […]