Wet And Forget Shower Fuggetaboutit

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I can’t get this shower clean! Soap scum? Fuggetaboutit! Spray Wet and Forget Shower today, rinse clean tomorrow. No scrubbing at all. Wow! Wet & Forget Shower really works! But wait, will the soap scum come back? Nah. Wet and Forget Shower works to keep the soap scum away. Smells great too. Yeah it does. […]

Wet And Forget Shower: Stop Scrubbing

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Introducing Wet and Forget Shower. Say goodbye to your daily shower cleaner and hello to this new innovative weekly shower spray easily clean and prevent the buildup of soap scum, grime, oils, mold and mildew stains by simply spraying down your shower once a week. Wet and Forget Shower helps you break free from daily […]

Morris Carey (On The House) Reviews Wet & Forget Shower

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I tried this wet and forget here’s the deal you read the bottle and it says spray it on and let it sit i can’t remember how long the bottle said to let is sit so anyway I sprayed it but because it was an experiment I sprayed everything i mean i went to the […]

Wet And Forget Shower Spray – No More Scrubbing!

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From soap scum to shower grime it’s a never-ending battle to keep this happening place a clean place. But now you can keep it clean as a whistle with one weekly application of Wet and Forget Shower. Spray your shower from top to bottom with Wet and Forget Shower and the next day simply rinse […]

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Your Shower

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how to clean soap scum off your shower best way to clean fiberglass shower hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper we love to use natural cleaners shampoos soaps things with essential oils and maybe coconut oil and we like to clean with natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda the problem is the natural soaps lotions […]

Wet And Forget Shower: The Best Shower Cleaner

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Losing the battle against shower grime? Now there’s an easy way to conquer your shower! Wet and forget weekly shower spray! spray today and rinse tomorrow it’s that simple The easy once a week application requires no scrubbing or wiping. Wet and forget shower leaves your bathroom with a pleasant vanilla fragrance. Pickup a bottle […]

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors — by Home Repair Tutor

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Hi everybody! This is Jeff of HomeRepairTutor.com, and today I’m going to share with you two things that drive me insane in the shower. One of them is soap scum, and the second thing is constantly having to clean it. So what I’m going to do is clean this off using a formula that I […]

Does it Work?? Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner

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(pencil scratching) – Welcome to DIY for Homeowners. – We’re Mother Daughter Projects. – I’m Steph. – I’m Vicki. – And today we’re gonna test out this product called Wet & Forget Shower and we actually tried out some Wet & Forget products a little while ago maybe a year or two ago. So after […]