DIY Camper Van with Indoor Shower & 100% Solar (no propane) – Van Life Tour

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>>MAT: Hey everyone! In this video, we’re gonna give you a tour of this awesome DIY camper van with some pretty unique features, including an indoor hot water shower. It was built by a young couple in just two months and a half. They’ve since moved into the van and traveling all the way down […]


By Grover Koelpin 54 comments honest reviews and advice Oh a nice little fade in Holla and welcome to todays video my name’s james and today we gonna have a very quick look through the easy life of a single impeller pump I’m not gonna call it a shower pump because these can be used on different applications […]

[CLEAN] Chance The Rapper – Hot Shower [ft. DaBaby & MadeinTYO]

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Yup, yup, yerp And then the smoke got me Hey I got muscles like Superman’s trainer, ayy (Ooh) Real real rare like Super Saiyan manga I jump stomp-stomp on Lucifer, Satan (Skrrt) Now I got a few rings on, Jupiter skating (Yeah, yeah, yeah) I meant to say Saturn, switched up the pattern (Blaow) Smoking […]

Bagby Hot Springs – Outdoor Bathtubs

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Hey everybody, welcome to Oregon. it is my first time in this state and it is absolutely beautiful We are on a hike today, my friend Todd here with me. You’ve seen him in my previous videos There’s also Julia with her dog. I’ll introduce you later. Right now. We are a couple of hours […]

Seven Most Often Sources Of Water Leaks In Bathtubs

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Today I want to discuss the seven most likely places that you will get a leak in a tub or shower enclosure. First point and the most often occurring is a leak from the hot or the cold side. Sometimes it will show up outside the handle here but not always. Sometimes you have to […]


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Sorry Erika, Sorry for interupting your shower savage *music* It’s 6:45am no one is awake right now getting paint balled Jake Paulers this is where you gotta want it This is where you got to hustle let’s get the day started haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop! What is popping Jake Paulers Today is off to a great […]

How to Make a Hot Water Shower While Camping

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How to Make a Hot Water Shower while Camping. One of the greatest pleasures of returning home from a camping trip is taking a hot shower. So, why wait? Build a shower to take on your camping trip. You will need Compressed-air sprayer Rubber tubing Rubber bands or duct tape Plastic bags Sunny location Rope […]

What Happens In The Girls Bathroom!

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Can I go to the bathroom? Yes. Thank you. Hi. I mean, we have to go to the bathroom together. Because F was possessed in there. And Myrtle died. So, I mean, it’s just for our safety. Duh. Hey guys. It’s Rachel. I’ve wanted to do what happens in the girls bathroom for […]

Hot Shower vs Cold Shower, which is better? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. Which is better: Hot Shower or Cold Shower? No Shower is the AumSum Mantra. Sooo gross. Let’s have a look at the advantages of cold showers first. As we are warm-blooded, the sudden sensation of cold water awakens our body. Thus making us feel fresh and alert. Secondly, many scientists believe that. […]


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Hey! What’s happening, everybody? So I love camping! But the one thing that’s preventing me from camping nearly as much as I’d like to Is, after a day or two, I need a shower, man! I get sticky, I get sweaty, I get stinky, And I just don’t like it. And I’ve tried a couple […]