Trump Taps Pence To Lead Coronavirus Response As US Confirms New Case | TODAY

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Eucalyptus Oil in the Shower for Congestion

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(clapping) – It’s time for my doctor’s prescription. Research shows breathing steam, it may help alleviate cold symptoms, and we’ve all been there where we’re trying any possible thing, but if you wanna really take it up a notch, you can add three to five drops of eucalyptus oil to a washcloth. Just take that […]

Boss Smells Bathroom after Employees Poop?

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– Having a boss that doesn’t trust you. That seems to be exactly the case with this viral note an employer wrote to try and curb long bathroom breaks with their staff. What does the note read? Well, this… If in bathroom for more than 10 minutes, a smell check will be completed to ensure […]

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from coronavirus and stay healthy

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Baby Massage For Constipation wind and gas

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Hi my names Lucy and I’m a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor and we would like to show you some massage and yoga moves that you can use at home. So, we’re going to do a little bit of work on the tummy, we’ll take some lovely oil, and make sure that it’s really […]

How to Wash Your Hands | The Feelingwells (Sesame Studios)

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Spa claims float therapy can help babies sleep, eat better

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Etac Swift Mobil-2 Shower commode chairs

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Adaptable to many user needs Height adjustable 50-65 cm Armrests adjustable in height or width Standard position High position Narrow position Wide position Extra width with XL Back Fits larger and smaller users Adjustable for positioning and comfort Multi-adjustable headrest Seat with rear opening Open design for ease of access Prepare for transfer Transfer from […]

Intermittent Self-Catheterization Female – PreOp® Patient Education

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While you were in the hospital, you received instructions on how to insert a catheter into your own bladder and practiced the procedure until you could do it on your own. Before you self-catheterize at home, you will need to assemble the following equipment: * Urine collecting hat * Warm soapy water in a basin […]

How to: Ultrasound Guided TAP Block

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