Transforming my friend into Hyuna in “Flower Shower” – Edward Avila

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💦 Có gì trong PHÒNG TẮM của Emmi? | WHAT’S IN MY BATH ROOM? | Happy Skin

By Grover Koelpin 85 comments

Hi guys it’s Emmi here, Welcome to my home. Come in~ Actually i just moved into this house a week ago So as you can see, it’s pretty empty But i still wanna do this video to introduce my new house to you guys, especially my bedroom and bathroom Because there will be some interesting […]

I Got A Tokyo Makeover

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Hello, friends, and welcome to another video. This week, I’m gonna be getting a Tokyo street fashion makeover. Yes, we’re going to Japan, and we’re gonna be getting made over. So, earlier this year, We traveled to three different US cities to explore how fashion differs in different regions. So this time, we’re So this […]

What Happens In The Girl’s Bathroom

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– Aw man, there’s only one toilet in here. It’s okay, y’all can come in with me. – Cool. I have to fix my makeup anyway. – Jesus, thank you. I have to pee. (“Starz” by Warner/Chappel Music Production) Hey, Calista can I use your mascara? – Yeah. Freddie, do you have any lipstick? – […]


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Hi, my name is Allison Raskin and for OCD Awareness Week we’re doing a challenge called “Face Your Fears”. I decided that I would take a shower without washing my hair Because everytime I shower i always wash and condition my hair because i have cleanliness based OCD and if I don’t do that I […]


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So the first thing I do of course is head into the bathroom now whether I’m coming home from the gym or just coming back from working from home or out whatever it is I go into my robe and I put down my hair and the first thing I do is a brush and […]

Weird Thoughts You Have In The Shower

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– Hmm, I think I could totally rock a mohawk. I don’t wanna get out of the shower. Holy shit a whole clump of my hair just came out. How am I not bald yet? One day we’re just going to not exist. Oprah is just gonna not exist one day. I wonder how many […]

How To Wrap a Turbie Twist on Long Hair

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how to wrap turbie twist on long hair turbie twist for long hair hair towel turban for long hair how to wrap long hair in turbie twist Twist Hair Turban Drying Cap Hair Wrap hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you have long hair when you wash it you might want to consider using one of these […]

My After Shower Routine – Hair Care & Cosmetics

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hey guys and then welcome back to another video last week I showed you all of my hair products that I like to use and today I thought well why not show everybody how I actually use them and put it into my after shower routine so I’ll be washing my hair and showing you […]

How to Take a Shower

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How to Take a Shower. You probably take a shower almost every day. You might as well do it right. You will need A natural-bristle body brush A loofah Soap or body wash A bath towel Moisturizer A sauna Rosemary oil A pH-balanced cleanser and a 100% egyptian cotton bath towel. Step 1. Before showering, […]

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