Ambulance Car Wash | Cartoon Videos For Babies by Kids Channel

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Ambulance Car Wash…

Carl’s Big Adventure! | Carl’s Car Wash Mini-Movie | Cartoon for Kids

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(gentle music) (upbeat music) – Ooo wee, huh, there’s so much dust and dirt today (grunts). Hey, I wonder what’s going on over there. That must be where all the dirt’s coming from. (lively music) (trucks rumbling) Hmm, seems like they’re building something big. (gentle music) (trucks rumbling) (lively music) (dramatic music) Whoa, that’s a […]

Police Car Wash Cartoon for Kids | Cars Trucks and Vehicles for Children | Police Chase video

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Baboo! Hehehe! Woo-hooo! Huh! Oohh… Hehehe-hahaha!

Can You Ride A Tricycle Through The Car Wash? | Bike Car Wash!

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Hey, Carl How’s it going? Not bad, Billy What brings you here? I rode through a puddle, I got mud all over my tricycle Can you clean it? Gee, Billy, I don’t know Come on, Carl, my tricycle’s really dirty Sorry, buddy, tricycle’s can’t go through the wash It’s a lot of water and soap […]

Garbage Truck | Car Wash Videos | Cartoons For Babies by Kids Channel

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Garbage Truck

Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa Best Sensory Toys for Kids with Autism

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This video is sponsored by Maya Toys Today on Surprise and Play Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa! It’s just like a bathtub. It is kind of like a bathtub, a bathtub for your feet. Let’s put my feet in time to relax Surprise and Play! Hi everybody, I’m Chocolate Chip! Are you ready for a surprise? […]

Cecil’s Cement Mixer Gets All Spick-And-Span | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

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– Easy does it. (beeping) Perfect. – Thanks Donna, I’ll take it from here. – No problem, Cecil. (upbeat music) I love watching cement spread. When it dries it’ll be smooth and as hard as a rock. (whistle blowing) Excellent, time for lunch. I wonder if Harvey’s Hot Dog truck is nearby? Time to get […]

Dharma’s Digger Gets Squeaky Clean | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

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(xylophone music) (upbeat music) (engine starting) (intense music) – We’re digging deep today. (fluid splashing) Oh my stars. Sludge. Pee-ew, get a whiff of that. I gotta skeddadle to Carl’s Carwash. (calm music) – Oh, I’m really digging this music. Huh? (intense music) – Carl, I was fixing to finish the big dig by the […]

Jack’s Creepy Carriage Gets Spookling Clean | Carl’s Car Wash | Halloween Special

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(xylophone ringing) (wolf howling) (spooky music) – Whoa, that is one spooky spider. I hope it doesn’t frighten the trick-or-treaters away. (hooves clopping) (horse snorting) Huh? (horse whinnying) Oh, my first trick-or-treater. Welcome, I’m glad my spooky spider didn’t scare you off. – Greetings, I’ve been told that you can clean vehicles. – Uh, I […]

Duck Bathroom Pass | Animal LOL

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