Clear Skin for Active People (AcneFree Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo Review)

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#1 Always Wash your makeup off before working out!! No ones’s at the gym to see how hot you look!… Ok maybe some people are=)

How to Make a Baking Soda Facial Mask | DIY Spa Facials

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Mini tutorial for a sonic face cleanser can be seen on HSN

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What’s safe at the spa when pregnant? | Parents

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What spa activities are safe during pregnancy? Take our quiz to find out. First question, is it safe to get a massage? Massages are fine but only after the first trimester. Make sure your therapist is certified in pre- natal massage techniques and opt for a Swedish massage, which involves long strokes over tight muscles. […]

How to Make a Honey & Egg Facial Mask | DIY Spa Facials

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Epic Dubai Weekend Getaway | self-care, books, spa, retail therapy, & more

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Just finishing up my packing! Hey guys so I am at the gas station. I had to fuel up my car but also I had to fuel up. Actual fuel. Actual bodily fuel. I needed a sugar rush so I got a Boston cream doughnut and a coffee and I’m on my way to Dubai […]

How to Make a Honey, Egg & Milk Mask | DIY Spa Facials

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