Seungjae X KimJongmin, first shower together ends in disaster! [The Return of Superman / 2017.09.03]

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Wait a minute. (Everything Seungjae does scares him.) Why are you so nice? You made me incredibly rich coffee. Here is yogurt. Let me see. It’s not vinegar, right? It’s not vinegar. It’s very tasty. Open the lid and take a whiff. (Seungjae lets him check.) Take a whiff. (It’s yogurt.) Please give me a […]


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Today, I’m going to show you how to domesticate your partner using pranks. Does your man constantly ignore you to play video games? Here’s one way to get him to stop playing for a night and start giving you the attention you desire. [Music] Kim? Kim, you here? Kim? Son of a b****. I had […]


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– Thank you. – Well, – Han Na is like… – She’s like family to us. – I’ve been dying to be back. – Right. Han Na has been quite active in several TV and variety shows… while she was away. – Not now though. – No? – Yes, I’ve been resting at home. – […]

Baby Shower Blues

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(crowd cheering) Welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy, everybody have a seat except for you, come on over, how you doing? How you doing? Hi Wendy. Oh my gosh, you’re blushing. My cheeks are always red. Are they? Naturally blushed. So cute. Thank you. They’ll keep you youthful. Thank you. What’s your name, where […]

Making a Heated Seat

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Hi. I have a great and unique idea, which is turning your wooden or plastic seat into a heated seat so your fragile buttocks can rest in peace. All we need is a heating element which I’ll extract from this broken hairdryer as these wires. [scrape, scrape, scrape] So here we are. I hot glued […]

Woman Freed, Now ‘Sane,’ After Drowning Daughter in Bathtub

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jennifer bigan was deemed insane for drowning her daughter in the bathtub three years ago she’s now then release from jail she was deemed insane and not guilty by reason of insanity three years ago and she is now basically it washes walking out of jail because doctors determined that she had to regained her […]

Woman Gives Birth Inside a Chick-Fil-A Bathroom – and Her Baby Gets Free Food for Life – News Today

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 =auto” width=”640″ height=”395″ frameborder=”0″]  After taking an unplanned bathroom break at Chick-Fil-A, a couple ended up delivering their baby in the restaurant’s bathroom  “Last night I delivered our baby girl IN THE BATHROOM AT A CHICK-FIL-A!” Robert Griffin enthusiastically proclaimed on Wednesday in a lengthy Facebook post that has since gotten over 200,000 likes  After […]

Emmy Rossum Was Naked in the Bathtub When She Got Engaged

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Sure, the actress is happily engaged, but not every girl dreams of being proposed to when they’re naked in the bathtub… Which is how it went down for Emmy. Se tells the talk show, Chelsea, “I happened to be in the bathtub when it happened… And then I realized that it was happening. And then […]

singing Bastille before I shower

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*intro that makes no sense, this video is 2:58 tom, what do you mean 8:30?* anyways follow me on twitter @yugenseul lmao *something about, water, greenday and feeling alive who cares i just wanna be blessed* crusty ass doesn’t even know the lyrics, what else would you expect jk love you It’s okay i can […]

Don’t Leave Bathtub for 24 Hours

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Guess what, Infographics fans- that’s right, it’s challenge time again. Over the past year we’ve been exploring the limits of human endurance, testing the strength of the human mind, body, and spirit. Today we’re back again with another special challenge episode, as we seek to delve once more into the greatest scientific mysteries of our […]