Why Your Shower Curtain Is so Annoyingly Clingy

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[ INTRO ] The shower isn’t supposed to be a dangerous place. Put down some of those grippy things on the bottom of the tub and avoid being in a 1960’s horror movie, and you should be safe. But sometimes, despite these precautions, you find yourself under attack by the flimsiest of foes – the […]

Intermittent Self-Catheterization Female – PreOp® Patient Education

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While you were in the hospital, you received instructions on how to insert a catheter into your own bladder and practiced the procedure until you could do it on your own. Before you self-catheterize at home, you will need to assemble the following equipment: * Urine collecting hat * Warm soapy water in a basin […]

Tap-In / Tap-Out: Giving Teachers Time to Recharge

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(students talking) – At Fall Hamilton, our common goal here is the children. Sometimes kids are in crisis, and it’s just emotionally draining as a teacher. But at the end of the day, you know that these kids rely on you, so we also need to take care of ourselves. We know you can’t help […]

The Try Guys Try Acupuncture

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– In past videos, I’ve talked about being sort of nervous around needles, but I think I’m getting over that fear. What- oh, ah! (yelling) (beeping) So I’m just ready to get poked. (electric guitar music) – I’m so excited to announce that the Try Guys have a new family line, you can match your […]

Ringa Ringa Roses | Nursery Rhymes | from LittleBabyBum!

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Ring-a-ring o’ roses A pocket full of posies A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down! Ring-a-ring o’ roses A pocket full of posies A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down! Feel the lovely sunshine Flowers all around Hop a little hop right off the ground Feel the lovely sunshine Flowers all around Jump a little jump right […]

Transgender People Should Use the Bathroom of Their Choice | Elijah Nealy

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Yes, I think the bathroom debate is largely a distraction, and based on erroneous assumptions: One of which is the assumption that all trans women are predators, and that’s not any more true than the myth that existed 25 years ago that all gay men are predators. The reality is most sexual predators are cisgender […]

Spa Tech Institute Esthetics Student Video Skin Care

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Chris Hadfield: The astronaut’s guide to flat Earth theory

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When the very first balloon was launched that could carry people it was in Paris in the late 1700s and it was Montgolfier the brothers, they had hydrogen balloons and hot air balloons and it was the cutting edge of science. It was the cutting edge of technology. We just learned how to capture a […]

How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?

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Someday our bodies are going to break down and we’ll die. Our brain will decay and disappear forever.But, what if it didn’t have to? Right now there are scientists around the world working on technology that could one day take your brain, and possibly your consciousness, and upload it onto a computer. This would be […]

Fire Truck | Car Wash Videos | Cartoon Shows For Children – Kids Channel

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Fire Truck …