Wash Your Hands. You Have Skin in the Game

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Do you have skin in the game? Research estimates that at least 1 million deaths worldwide could be prevented each year if everyone washed their hands regularly. Hands are the way 80 percent of germs in our healthcare environment are spread. Each month, 25 children develop infections while staying at Cincinnati Children’s. The source of […]

Toothbrush Germs In The Bathroom

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Question for you, Intelligence fans, how’s your toothbrush looking these days? Even if you can’t see it with a naked eye, experts say it may be saturated with millions of toilet germs! Our friend, germ expert Dr. Charles Gerba is a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona. He says there are approximately 3-million bacteria […]

13 Hygiene Things We Learnt to Do Wrong

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It’s your personal sanctuary, your private concert stage, the place where all your most ingenious ideas and random thoughts pop into your head, and other things just pop out. I’m talking about the bathroom, also known as the rest room, lavatory, and, for you engineers out there, it’s the cubical digestive elimination venue. Wait, you […]

Thank You Notes: President Trump Grabbing French President Emmanuel Macron’s Hand

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If you guys wouldn’t mind, I’d like to write out my weekly “Thank You Notes” right now. Is that cool? [ Cheers and applause ] I only wish I could have some “Thank You Note” writing music. -How could you do that? -James? [ Laughter ] -Gosh. -Come on. ♪♪♪♪ -Oh. -Wow. Fantastic. ♪♪♪♪ He’s […]