Protect Yourself from Med Spa Scams!

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And we actually have your attorney joining us now. From the perspective you’re looking at it, as the lawyer representing some of these individuals, anything that viewers should be aware of to protect themselves? Well, to protect yourself, I think what you gotta do it do what my client did, which was inform herself and […]

Is Taking a Shower during a Lightning Storm Dangerous?

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Have you ever received a forwarded email chain, making outlandish claims? Yes. Well, we sort them out here, in what we like to call, Stuff My Mom Forwards Me. And here’s one we recently received from a viewer, Ashley, and she wrote, “docs, I was sent an email that said you should “never shower or […]

Woman Uses Airplane Seat Fan to Dry Underwear?

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Talk about airing your dirty laundry though. We do it on the show sometimes, but sometimes people do it while they’re up in the air. This next story comes with quite a visual. Yeah, this happened. Mid flight, you look up, female passenger sitting right in front of you literally has her dirty underwear up […]

Car Seat Mistakes: Are You Putting Your Child in Danger?

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need a reminder of how important it is for child your child to be buckled up in a car seat I want you to look at this this was a very serious car accident luckily the child in that car seat walked away with only a bruise on his cheek it’s so critical your child’s […]