Come play with me, Slime Dolls Bathtub

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this bath is really boring Hey Mom can we put something else in hear. Well I don’t know what do you think sweetheart? I got some bath salt. What else you can come up with? I remember I have slime. Slime!!! what’s that? This’s slime,it’s water and giggly. I have different kind of slime.Is that […]

Baby doll bathing time ❤ Mini dolls bathing party with Hello kitty @LifiaTubeHD

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Hello friends, Niala bathing doll Let’s open shoes Hello friends. Let’s go to the doll hair ties that he has been willing to lie this one yet Hello kitty said “I feel sleepy” Dear friends, Lifia want to bathe dolls Come on Chica! Come on, we bathe I love this doll bathing “I want to […]

Play with Baby Born Doll and Bath Time for my little funny sister Toys video for kids

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Julia, what are you doing here? girls! I have no words!

L.O.L Surprise Doll Bathtub Series

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Waa …. There are Bunny Good [… Applaus …] Surprise there is a cry look at to Dad Shimer and shine Shimer and shine the city the bottle look here open look at to Dad look at to Dad finished

Baby Doll Bath Time In Gumballs Pretend Play for Kids to Learn Colors Compilation

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Animated Surprise Eggs We love surprise eggs What’s inside? It’s a bath tub A pink surprise egg What’s inside? It’s a baby doll Yay! Let’s learn colors A gumball machine Let’s get it started! Here we go Pink Pink What’s next? Turquoise Turquoise That was fun! Let’s do it again! Do you know what color […]

Baby’s Bathtime | Giving Baby A Bath!

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hey friends pay close attention there’s a way for you to win a special gift from sprinkles and bubbles it’s bath time for baby babies excited for her bath let’s put this unicorn bath fizz in your bath today wow look at all the bubbles huh baby Bink is funny so many bubbles and it […]

Christina’sReborns – Silicone baby Juliette enjoying herself in her new bath!!!

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hello everyone welcome back to my reborn youtube channel today I have the gorgeous reborn Juliet here and my last video I did of her she was getting changed for her bath and she unfortunately had a very dirty diaper so I got her cleaned up after that and I’m now put her in this […]

Baby Doll Bathtime How to Bath a Baby Born doll with Learn Colours

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Baby doll bath video for kids

Kyraboo Funtime with Baby Born SURPRISE Bathtub Surprise

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(childish music) – Wow, what is that?! – [KB Mom] Kyra, hi! – Hi! – [KB Mom] What do you have here? – Baby. – [KB Mom] A baby box? – Yeah! – [KB Mom] That word is baby. This looks like it’s a box from MGA, oh my gosh, thank you so much. – […]

Baby Doll Orbeez Bath Time Play Learn Colors For Kids

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Baby Doll Orbeez Bath Time Play Learn Colors For Kids Hello! Welcome BambyBus ^_^