I Gave The Barbie DreamHouse A Bathroom Makeover

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Indesit Washing Machine Detergent Dispenser Problems

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Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. In this video we’re going to be looking at detergent dispenser problems in washing machines. There are a number of common problems that can occur with the detergent dispensers in washing machines. Most to these can be avoided with a little regular maintenance. Safety first, always unplug the appliance before […]

How to Program the Holman Two Dial Low Pressure Tap Timer (CO1603)

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Installing and programming your Essential 1603 Low Pressure Series Tap Timer can be done with these easy steps. Start by installing the battery. Remove battery cover and battery tray. Insert two Triple A alkaline batteries and then replace the battery cover. To program the Essential Series 1603 Low Pressure timer start by turning the left […]

Best Car Wash Bucket Kit – Chemical Guys Car Care

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Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we’re going to introduce you to The Best Car Wash Bucket Kit from Chemical Guys. This kit is great for the enthusiast who wants to upgrade from washing with a nasty old pail and old towels, you should only wash with high grade products to get the best results […]

Rose Petal SPA Sugar Scrub – HOW TO

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Building a DIY Bike Washing Station with Shoe Bidet

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If you want a clean garage, you need to clean stuff before bringing it inside—stuff like mountain bikes. But that’s not the only reason you should clean your bike. It actually works better and weighs less when it’s not gunked up. So this week we’re building a dedicated wash station to make things a little […]

How to replace a Bosch, Siemens or Neff washing machine door seal gasket

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hi and welcome to how-to-repair.com this video is on how to change a door seal you can use it on bosch, neff, siemens or appliances right we will just start and giving you the tools and everything else you need to do the job in the text around here while i take the lid off […]

How To Fix a Dripping Tap – Washer Change – Plumbing Tips

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– Hello, and welcome to this Plumberparts.co.uk video. Today I’m gonna show you how to change a tap washer to stop this tap from leaking. It’s gonna be mental. Right, to achieve success you’re gonna need a tap washer repair kit, a phillips-head or a cross-headed screwdriver, an adjustable spanner, a set of grips and […]

How to Pressure Wash Like a Boss – HGTV

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[theme music] Using a pressure washer is a chore I actually look forward to. There’s something really satisfying about it. And yeah, you can get carried away. Can you pressure wash your sidewalks, stone pavers, patios, and wood decks? Yes. Can you pressure wash your outdoor furniture? Yes. Can you pressure wash your kids’ play […]

DIY Gender Reveal Box | Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas

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hey guys welcome back to my channel today I have a gender-reveal centerpiece for all of my mommies to be here we go today’s video is going to be very easy to make and best of all is going to be very affordable let’s get started I’m going to be using five of this large […]