Will It Shoe?

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Today we answer the sole question on everyone’s mind. – Will it shoe? – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooooood Mythical Morning! – We have what has become a tradition on this show of finding out if something “will.” – Right. – And today we’re gonna find out – if a […]

Das BADEWANNEN – SCHNEEMOBIL! | 50km/h auf der verlassenen Skipiste!

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Our bathtubs really experienced a lot already! We build a soapbox, a boat, a hottub, a rocketcar and an a real submarine with it! Now we are going to build a snowmobile! Our first bathub is finished! Now we are going to build a second one with Matt, Amar and Thomas! On their channel “The […]


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(all yell) – You challenged me to fill this pool with 10,000 pounds of slime. So right, now I’m gonna need some help. (guests cheer) (air horns bellow) – What’s up? Let’s go! Oh my God! – Whoa! (guests laughs) – All right guys, let’s do this. – It’s so much slime! Oh my gosh, […]

Mit der FLIEGENDEN BADEWANNE zum BÄCKER! | Bemannte Drohne #4

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I think I still have to practise getting out of this thing but everything else went pretty well I just arrived at the baker and I’ll get a sandwich don’t know why they are here Hello, did everything go well? Yes, everything went perfect what do you want I’ll take this one that’s everything do […]

Repairing Grout Around a Bathtub: Dremel Multi-Max

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Repairing Grout Around a Bathtub The action of the Dremel Multi-Max coupled with its uniquely shaped grout blade makes it the perfect solution for repairing a bath surround. For this project will use the Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool and an MM501 one-sixteenth inch carbide grout blade. Begin this project by inserting the carbide grout blade […]

Bathtub Stopper & Drain Installation – Universal NuFit

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This video demonstrates how to easily update your Bathtub Stopper and drain, without having to actually [edit] Remove the old [edit] Bathtub Drain Repair almost any Bathtub Drain in minutes with a Universal NuFit. The outside diameter of your strainer body flange width needs to be two and seven eighths inches or less. Remove all […]

Making Bath Bombs with Starr Soaps

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Hi guys! Welcome back to StarrSoaps channel! How are you today? I’m doing good! Today I’m gonna be making bath bombs! That’s right. I have a very exciting order to fill a local groovey cafe called Azure, that’s right! It’s a little cafe that has opened up in Stratford and they highlight local businesses! And […]

How to: Home Organizing Tips : How to Organize the Front Seat of your Car

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I want to show a simple way to keep the inside of you car organized. You can find a car organizer such as this one right here. I’ll show you it has different compartments and it usually has a large area in the back where you can put larger items such as your map. Such […]

DIY BARBIE HACKS AND CRAFTS: Miniature MIRACULOUS LADYBUG School Supplies & Clothes That Work!­čÉ×

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Welcome to our channel. Have a nice time watching video on Dolls Beauty Channel!!! You are watching the video: “DIY BARBIE HACKS AND CRAFTS: Miniature MIRACULOUS LADYBUG School Supplies & Clothes That Work!🐞” Please Like, share our videos and do not forget to subscribe for not missing any.

Wir bauen einen BADEWANNEN – AUFZUG f├╝r unser BAUMHAUS! #2

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Now we build all the walls, we still have to make some windows now we will make the ceilling using these boards You commented that we should build an elevator, this is what we’ll do now of cousre we will use a bathtub this is the same leightweight bathtub we used to build our flying […]