CalebCity Argues That Shower Peeing Is Not OK – Agree to Disagree

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You haven’t lived well enough. You haven’t lived hard enough. You haven’t tried everything your body can do. You haven’t pushed your body to the limit. I beg to differ. I think I’ve lived a great life not shitting in showers. Peeing in the shower. Okay, or not okay? Not okay. Okay. Not okay. Okay. […]

Is It Okay To Pee In The Shower? • Debatable

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– What the fuck is the difference between peeing in the shower and using your shower as a toilet? The shower is a toilet at that point. – You’re taking a shower while you’re peeing! – That doesn’t make it better! – Killing– – Peeing in the shower. Come on. Admit it. You’ve done it. […]

Shower Sex • Debatable

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– Oh, we’re having fun we’re doing the thing, – [Woman] Right? – [Man] Oh, slip, oh and, (glass breaking) That’s why, you see? This is why you don’t have shower sex! – Shower sex. Sexy, sure. Yeah, that is some sexy sex. But yo, danger. Who are you that you need that kind of […]