How to Choose and Install a Shower Base

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Hey everyone, Welcome back to PEX UNIVERSE, today we’re going over how to choose a shower base and install it. There’s all sorts of different variations for shower bases, long and narrow, square, rectangle, but not all may be the best choice for you. There’s some advantages to purchasing a complete base vs creating a […]

How to waterproof your shower installation with the Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT Complete Kit

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The Schluter-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT offers everything needed to create a waterproof, vapor-tight shower assembly. The kit contains all the components necessary to prepare your shower for tile, in one convenient package. Let’s take a look at what’s inside. A roll of KERDI waterproofing membrane is included, which is used to protect walls from moisture penetration. You will […]

DIY – pallet bathroom storage

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Adding a Bathroom to a Home : Sewer Lines in Bathroom Installation

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Ok. We’re outside the house now. We’re going to talk about where we tie these to the existing sewer line. And, you remember that we had Arizona Blue State come out and mark the ground on the street to give us an idea of where this sewer line is. Where it ties into the main […]

Adding a Bathroom to a Home : Waste Line Needs for New Bathrooms

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We are going to talk a little bit about our waste lines and our vent lines right now. The waste line being when you turn the sink on and the water that falls into the sink, where does it go, well it goes right down into this pipe here, travels down the pipe, down to […]


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[Intro] [Hannah] We’re Hannah and Chad, full-time RVers who love to travel, and are in the midst of paying off $153,000 in debt. This is Our Debt Free Journey. [End Intro] [Chad] Alright,so we’re headed to the storage unit again. We’re going to grab our 2x4s that we have in there, and start building the […]


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Bathroom Floors Are In!

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How To Install a Bathroom Vanity | Nestrs

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What are you doing babe? Hi. Hi How are you? I’m well. Just a doing a skim coat here. That wasn’t on today’s agenda. We have a tight renovation schedule. I missed that meeting. It was right there on the wall. Today we’ve got that Lowes Sponsored Vanity Install. I’ve been looking forward to that! […]

Frameless Shower Door Install – Inline Panel / Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

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