how to fix a stuck seat switch

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yeah here’s a quick tip for the f-150 seats that freeze up won’t move these little switch panels here they’re about 350 bucks but there’s a way you can reset these and that is you lean them all the way back and then they’ll move they wouldn’t move awhile ago and I actually read this […]

Why You Should Never Use Bathroom Air Hand Dryers Again

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Here’s a nugget of knowledge you’ll never want to forget: the electric hand dryer was invented in 1948 by an inventor from Chicago called George Clemens. Well, some sources tell us that, but others say the Airdry Corporation of New York patented the process in 1922. In terms of how they look, hand dryers haven’t […]

Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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This is the Cody trust shot. Yippee. Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect. I’m Logan. World champion boomerang thrower. Let’s have some fun! Let’s turn the lights out. This one’s called the balloonerang. Very nice! Now over the years here, we’ve developed some targets with nice payoffs here at DP sugar glass being […]

Clean Bathroom Taps | How to do Home Easy tap Cleaning routine Tips and Tricks

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How to Clean Bathroom Taps | Home speed Cleaning routine Tips and Tricks

Morning Vs. Night Showers • Debatable

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– I’m talking about the people with clean beds. – What do you mean by clean people Jen? What do you mean by clean people? Who are you excluding in that? Who’s dirty? The poor? The poor Jen? – [Jen] No! – I rest my case. – Showers, an invigorating way to start the day, […]

How to Clean a Shower

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Bathroom Room Reno #5 | Mitre 10 Room Reno

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[MUSIC PLAYS] We’ve decided to renovate our bathroom. It’s really old, and tired, and really small. It’s not very functional. And we just really need a bath for our toddler. Check it out! Here’s our bathroom. We’re bang-on halfway through. And, well, obviously, the walls still need to go on. The toilet needs to go […]

How To Organize And Declutter A Small Bathroom Shared By 3 Women | Bea Organized | Refinery29

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Hey, I’m Bea, video producer at Refinery29 with a side hustle as a professional organizer. I’m here today because Courtney told me that she’s dealing with too many roommates and a small bathroom. Hi Bea, it’s Courtney. I’m here with my roommate Mariú, she’s doing her makeup. I have to go to the bathroom. Della […]

How Often Do You Really Need to Shower?

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Nothing really beats a steamy shower to relax after a hard workout. And good hygiene is how we protect ourselves from infections, and the social stigma of being smelly. But do you really need a daily shower to stay clean, or is it doing more harm than good? It turns out, there aren’t any definite […]

How to Clean Your Bathroom Sink

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