At-Home Spa & Skin Treatments : Making a Cellulite Scrub

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So, is cellulite a problem for you, or stretch marks? I have the perfect answer. Here’s an old Hollywood trick that’s been around for years, but everybody still uses it and everybody still loves it. What is it? You can find it in your kitchen counter, or kitchen pantry. It is, coffee. OKay! You want […]

Etac Swift Mobil-2 Shower commode chairs

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Adaptable to many user needs Height adjustable 50-65 cm Armrests adjustable in height or width Standard position High position Narrow position Wide position Extra width with XL Back Fits larger and smaller users Adjustable for positioning and comfort Multi-adjustable headrest Seat with rear opening Open design for ease of access Prepare for transfer Transfer from […]

Top5Shorts: Black Market Booty, The Elephant Spa And Fat Cat King Leo

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00:05 ALIX: Hello Whizzslippers, it’s Alix again with this week’s eye-popping, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping episode of the Top5Shorts show, where I recap the latest footage here on Barcrofttv, answer some of your questions and take a look at your views on what you’ve viewed. 00:20 ALIX: Links to all the shorts featured on the show are […]

At-Home Spa & Skin Treatments : Making an At-Home Spa Elixir

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Now that we’ve talked about how you can take care of your skin from the outside, we’re going to talk a little about how you take care of your skin from the inside. So one of things that we’re going to do, is an actual drinkable potion, concoction. Tell, me, tell me. Yeah. So what […]

How to use Waterless Car Wash by 3D Products

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[Music] Thanks for checking out 3D products I’m Donald Williams, in this segment We’re going to show you how to use 3D waterless car wash using just a waterless product and towels show you how to save time and save money and be able to wash your car inside and outside without using a drop […]

Green Baby in SPA PETS CARE – Green Baby Cartoon #92

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Welcome Green Baby lovers. Today we present another episode on OKG: SPA PETS CARE For more funny stop motion animation please click “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons to see other episodes on OKG Channel. And don’t forget to comment Look a puppy, cute puppy, let’s go and play with him. Daddy daddy Why don’t you play […]

Fun Baby Care Kids Game Real Cake Maker 3D Bakery #w | Baby Play & Learn Colors Hair Salon SPA

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Fun Baby Care Kids Game Real Cake Maker 3D Bakery #w | Baby Play & Learn Colors Hair Salon SPA

Deep Hydration, All Day Long- dōTERRA® SPA Lip Balm

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There’s something unmistakably appealing about luscious lips, on the other hand there’s something really distracting about dry flaky lips. You can have soft supple lips with doTERRA SPA lip balms. These luxurious lip balms are formulated with coconut, morenga seed, avocado oil and beeswax so that they glide smoothly across your lips delivering long-lasting moisture. […]

how give one month old my son shower in bathtub

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my son stay 45 days in NICU after come back from Hospital he so much senstive we be careful for take care he … right now he near 6 month … and heath he also good from past

Do it like a dad: How to wrap your baby

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Boo. Babies – they’re miniature humans that appear on the scene and bring us so much joy. But looking after a little one needs to be a team effort, so get out there and give your better half the support she needs at the crease. Now, if you think wrapping begins at ‘stop, collaborate and […]