Dogs Get Pampered With A $300 Spa Day

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(classical music) – Hi, I’m Chelsea, and this is Hadley. And today, Hadley’s going to a luxury dog while I go to work. – Mason definitely deserves a day at the spa. When he feels good, everyone else feels good. – I hope she has a good day. (gentle music) – Hi, I’m Cynthia, I’m […]

I Let My Kids Plan My Baby Shower

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Bathroom Struggles All Women Know

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– Shit. Okay. (light playful music) – No! No! Hello? Uh, hi, my name is Joanna. Hey, the stall’s out of toilet paper. Could you possibly, um, thank you so much. Could you actually give me a little bit more than that? Or like a lot more than that? – Am I on my period? […]

Weird Thoughts You Have In The Shower

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– Hmm, I think I could totally rock a mohawk. I don’t wanna get out of the shower. Holy shit a whole clump of my hair just came out. How am I not bald yet? One day we’re just going to not exist. Oprah is just gonna not exist one day. I wonder how many […]

Is Eating An Orange In The Shower The Best Thing Ever?

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(water running) – This feels very intimate. I would think, of all the BuzzFeed videos I’ve done, I’ve never brought you guys inside my shower. (rock music) – I was sitting at the bar the other day, and this girl was telling me that she was very stressed out so she had an orange in […]

Things You Do In Other People’s Bathrooms

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– [Sara] Hm, Quinta has a nice bathroom. No! Where does Quinta keep the toilet paper? Ok, yup, cabinet, all right. Hmm. Uh, an uncovered toilet brush, what? All right, uuh, come to daddy. Ooh, yeah, ok, got it. Man, I’m so considerate. (singing) Huuh-da-da-da-da. Ooh. Nothing wrong with a little tidying up. Is this […]