(ENG/SPA) [#ProblematicMen] BTS RM has no ID Card in his Wallet? He Lost it XD | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

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(Am I left brained or right brained?) (Can I find out easily in daily life?!) (Revealing the brain types of the “Problematic Men” by showing what’s hidden in their wallets!) [Hyun-moo] Okay, let me see your wallet! (The wallets of the “Problematic Men” will be revealed) (RM’s wallet) [Ji seok] This wallet is RM’s, isn’t […]


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♪ Mommy, my ice cream ♪ (lips vibrating) ♪ My ice cream ♪ (man slurping) – It’s episode two, everyone is super excited. There is a wide variety of rock ‘n rollers, tap dancers, but overall everyone can sing amazing. (upbeat music) – Okay, it’s not a country, mate. What are you talking– – It’s […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) Clever Nam Joon’s First Appearance | BTS RM Problematic Man (1/10) #Mix_Clip #Diggle

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When we introduced RM on the 1st episode (The first minute’s 1-minute climax was when RM was introduced) [Hyun Moo] Merely introducing him was our 1-minute climax Our last “Problematic Man” has an IQ of 148 – [Ji Seok] Whoa – 148? [Hyun Moo] 148 Ji Seok, what is your IQ? [Ji Seok] I think […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) Kim Nam Joon Breakdancing | BTS RM Problematic Man (6/10) | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

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(A Japanese conversation between idol RM and Korean goddess Seung Yeon) You’re obviously very good at Japanese~ KARA is so popular in Japan (I have seen BTS perform before because they were on stage before us) (Relaxed) (Taken aback) Thank you Did you not understand? So isn’t it sort of… an event in Japan… something […]

180331 [Grand Prince BTS #14] Joo Sang Wook’s Bathtub Scene (ENG SUB)

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[Grand Prince: Drawing Love] Lee Kang’s Bathtub Love Scene. [Preparing filming in the bath tub.] Ah, it feels warm. Hello. Nice to see you. Welcome to the Grand Prince bathtub. The Grand Prince bathtub is full of a rose petal scent. You have to dress like this, too. The real beautiful thing is that you […]

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Not Today’ Official MV

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No, not today Someday flowers will fall But no. Not today That that is not today No, no. Not today It’s too good day to die No no, not today no no no, not today Right We are EXTRA But still part of this world EXTRA + ORDINARY it ain’t anything big Never die today […]

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey’ Official MV

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I’m curious about everything How’s your day Oh tell me What makes you happy Oh text me Your every picture I wanna have it by my pillow oh bae Come be my teacher Teach me everything about you Your 1, your 2 Listen my my baby I’m Flying high in the sky (With the two […]

how bts “house of cards” would sound like in the bathroom of a party | audio.

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Insecure again, dangerous again So bad, us yeah Enduring more, holding out So hard, we can’t Even if you already know We couldn’t stop No way, no way, no way, falling As time passes by We only mess it up even more No way, no way, it’s collapsing again A house made of cards and […]

[2015MAMAxMPD] BTS(방탄소년단) – RUN in HOTEL 151208

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Yeah 넌 내 하나뿐인 태양 세상에 딱 하나 You are my only sun, one and only in the world 널 향해 피었지만 난 자꾸 목말라 You sailing for blooming, but I keep feel thirsty 너무 늦었어 늦었어 너 없이 살 순 없어 It’s too late, too late, I can’t live without you 가지가 말라도 더 […]

EternalEnVy bathtub Interview by Hotbid (The Summit 3 by Gigabyte)

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