Keeping your bathroom clean DAILY!

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Hi there. Welcome to Cleaning and Organizing with Tracy. Today I am going to share with you a tip that is going to help you be able to keep your bathroom clean and presentable every day. You are not going to be embarrassed if somebody asks to use your rest room and you haven’t cleaned […]

Toothbrush Germs In The Bathroom

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Question for you, Intelligence fans, how’s your toothbrush looking these days? Even if you can’t see it with a naked eye, experts say it may be saturated with millions of toilet germs! Our friend, germ expert Dr. Charles Gerba is a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona. He says there are approximately 3-million bacteria […]

Easiest Way to Clean Shower Grout

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What is the easiest way to clean shower grout? Hire someone else to do it. No, really. Yes, really, hire someone else to scrub the bathroom. Let’s assume that is outside my budget. What else could I do? One of the cheapest grout busters is a homemade mixture of three quarters of a cup of […]

How to restore plastic that is yellowing/browning (using hair bleach/ Hydrogen Peroxide)

By Grover Koelpin 10 comments

Hi, and welcome to this video, on how to restore plastic, that is browning. There is lots of guides on the internet about how to supposedly restore the colour of plastics, so this video aims to document effectively the use of a hydrogen peroxide based hair bleach on plastics. So this is the product I’m […]

Quick & Easy Shower Cleaning Routine! How to Clean A Shower (Time Saving Tips) Clean My Space

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One of the most popular questions we get asked, hands down, is how to clean a shower. So we finally decided to put a shower cleaning video together for you. I feel like people get so overwhelmed when they think about cleaning a shower. They think about the bad product smells, the scrubbing, the wetness, […]

Baking Soda is Awesome for Cleaning! 10 Cleaning Uses for Baking Soda (Clean My Space)

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it would blow your mind if you knew how many things you could clean using baking soda yep that little box of white powder that just sits in your fridge can do a lot more than just sitting in your fridge so what the heck is this baking soda stuff anyway it’s a type of […]