BLACK AND WHITE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM REMODEL | Backsplash Shower Tile | Bathroom ideas | Tile Designs

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– We’re not gonna tell people whose picture is whose, we’re just gonna show, like A and B, and let people pick. – Oh and see who wins? – And see who wins, we’re not gonna say whose picture, which one it is. – Well they’re gonna know the better one’s mine. – So, what […]

Small Bathroom Shower Designs

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Have a small bathroom and at a loss on how to redesign and spruce up the style to make everyday use even more pleasurable? Take into consideration some tips to improve the appearance of restricted space and to use small bathroom shower designs. For starters, stick to a minimalist look. Remove clutter or items that […]

There is no colored bathroom

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Where the hell have you been? Everywhere I look you’re not where I need you to be. And it’s not my imagination. So where the hell do you go everyday? To the bathroom, sir. The bathroom To the damn bathroom! For 40 minutes a day? What do you do in there? We are T-0 here. […]

Shower Enclosure Designs

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The world of shower enclosures has opened up in a very big way in recent times. Showers are no longer considered the poor cousin of the bath but have now come into their own. If you are in any doubt about this, just take a look at the latest shower enclosure designs. You can now […]

Children’s Bathroom Mural : Child’s Bathroom Mural: Add Highlights to Marlin

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You can see here our Marlin has a nice layer of deep blue, but let’s make him a little more interesting. We’re going to paint in a silver underbelly that the marlin has. This is going to be really beautiful and for this I’m using an italic silver color. They sell these again in a […]

Children’s Bathroom Mural : Prep Bathroom for Painting Child’s Bathroom Mural

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We still have a couple more things to do before we can start actually painting our mural, and now we’re going to be moving into painting preparation. We don’t want to get paint all over the bathroom, or at least not in the areas we don’t want it to go, so first we’re going to […]

The Transgender Fight For Safe Bathrooms

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– I started my transition when I was in my 20s, when I was about 21 years old. I would get the experience of other women freaking out about me using the restroom, and that became very dangerous for me. In 2005, I was involved in a hate crime, and I was shot in the […]

Beautiful Kohler Walk In Bathtub Installation By American Vision

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My name is Nathan Mackie and I’m the Sales Director for American Vision Baths. We’re out at the Silvestri house in Hillsboro, replacing a tub/shower combination with a Kohler “Belay” jetted walk-in tub. One of the advantages of the Kohler walk-in bath is that it allows an age-in-place senior to stay in their home much […]

How to Clean Bathrooms : How to Clean Bathrooms: Filling Bathtubs With Disinfectant

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O.k. So let’s say you’re done. You’ve, you’ve rubbed all this down really well with a soft scrub. And so now, what we need to do. Is we need to rinse this. And the reason why, is because. I don’t know, if you’ve ever sat in a bath tub. And you kind of, feel like […]

Electrical & Plumbing Repairs : How to Unclog a Bathtub

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Hi I’m James with JNC home repair. Today I’m going to show you how to unclog a bathtub. Ok the first thing you want to do if you have a clogged up bathtub is this particular tub here has a pop up stopper so what you want to do is you are going to need […]