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The Bath Song

Baby Bath Time Tips: How to Bathe a Newborn Baby | Pampers

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I remember bath time as a special time with my little ones. Like anything new, it took some time to work out our routine, and for my babies to get used to it. So don’t worry if it’s a bit awkward for you first, or if your baby doesn’t seem to care for it. You […]


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Hi folks! Today we’re talking about sink tubs cause we know that when you get home with baby, a big tub is a little bit daunting. So sink tubs are the perfect happy medium, being able to stand so you don’t hurt your back, especially if you had a C section or something and still […]

Newborn Care: Sponge Bath for Baby

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Unless they spit up on themselves, my newborns didn’t get very dirty. I would keep their diaper area clean and wash their hands and face several times a day. But I didn’t need to bathe them more than two or three times a week. A sponge bath usually did the trick. I used […]

Baby Care Tips: After Baby’s Bath

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Once they were good and dry, I’d put on a fresh diaper and get them ready for bed. After three kids, you realize just how delicate a baby’s skin is. Keeping it dry helps to protect it. So it was always important for me to pick the right diaper. A good night of […]


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Baby Doll

Stand and Play Bathtub Stage 3 Safety

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This is a conventional baby bathtub. One big problem that they all share is that they are short, short enough for a standing baby to trip and fall. And falls are by far the leading cause of injury among children under 4 The result? Trips to the ER, safety tips more warnings, more stress And […]

Mermaid Baby Bath ! Child Care Game ! Game For Kids ! Funny Game !

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(fast paced drumming) – [Jeremy] You guys made a mountain of pancakes. – Well it’s time for Janae to get a bath. (happy music) – Laura, are we gonna share? Oopsie daisy. – We love them. More water. (upbeat music) (blowing raspberries) – [Jeremy] These are my capable helpers for breakfast. – Can we have […]

Top 10 Best baby bath tub

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best product wiki best product advisor behind Amazon best product wiki presents top ten best baby bathtub let’s see which baby bathtub is best for you to buy starting with the list number one baby bath named super cute baby doll bathtub set featuring ten inches all vinyl doll baby bath information bath time dollies […]