sheren baby spa dan massage untuk kali pertama

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baby spa and massage usefull for stimulate nerve motor so we decide to go to this place, sorry if the video has many sensor

Wash Your Hands song for kids | Baby Bath Time + more nursery rhymes 🛀 HeyKids

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Wash your hands Every single day Wash your hands Wash the dirt away Now the hands are squeaky clean But there’s no towel to be seen But we can always shake’em Shake’em, shake’em, shake’em We can always shake’em Shake’em till they’re dry And now the hair… Wash your hair Every single day Wash your hair […]

How to Give a Newborn a Sponge Bath | CloudMom

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How to Shower Eczema Child – More or Less? Video by EczemaBlues

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Hi! this is Mei, MarcieMom from Today we’re going to learn about showering our baby Especially for young children with dry skin, or eczema, it is important to get this routine done right – simply because if you think about it, there’s 365 days, and say you were to shower your child twice a […]

Bath Song | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Cartoon Videos & Songs

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“Hey kids! It’s bath time.” Let’s take a bath. But I’ll get, all wet And you’ll get all cleaned. But I took a bath just yesterday. You need to take a bath everyday. A bath will clean you just like new Scrub scrub scrub that’s what you do A bath will clean you just like […]

The Bath Song | Katrin Pretend play with Baby Bath Song

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I jump in the bathtub, it’s time to get all clean I’ll be the cleanest kid you’ve ever seen The soap and the bubbles are filling up the tub So I’ll jump in the water and scrub, scrub, scrub Wash my hair do do do do do do Wash my hair Wash my face do […]

How to take a bath for my baby by professional(신생아 목욕 강의)

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description for baby bath by professional water temperature is 39~40℃ and check your hand skins prepare the location for baby massage prepare baby lotion, oil etc. for baby massage prepare alcohol cottom, etc to disinfect a navel prepare baby clothes, etc before the end of baby bath. baby bath is finished about 10 min. from […]

Baby Doll Bath time pretend play fun for kids l video for children

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Baby Doll Bath time

Baby bath 아기목욕 완벽 이론 배우기, 그리고 현실은?! |아기 속싸개 하는 법|배꼽소독하는 방법

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검지에 손수건을 말아서 귀를 닦아줍니다. 이렇게 위에서 아래로 닦아줍니다. 발톱과 손톱은 목욕 후에 부드러워졌을 때 잘라 줍니다. 아기가 잠이 들었을때 잘라주세요. 눈을 두세 번 닦아주세요. 눈꼽이 없는 눈을 먼저 닦아주세요. 자 이제 코하고 입주변 이마랑 볼, 턱 순서대로 빠른 동작으로 씻겨요. 물만 사용해요. 비누칠은 하지 마세요. 씻기고 나서 손수건으로 얼굴을 닦아주어요. 아기를 겨드랑이에 끼고 양쪽 […]

Baby Doll Bath Time In Gumballs Pretend Play for Kids to Learn Colors Compilation

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Animated Surprise Eggs We love surprise eggs What’s inside? It’s a bath tub A pink surprise egg What’s inside? It’s a baby doll Yay! Let’s learn colors A gumball machine Let’s get it started! Here we go Pink Pink What’s next? Turquoise Turquoise That was fun! Let’s do it again! Do you know what color […]