A Tale of Love…In the Bathroom // Presented By BuzzFeed & Scrubbing Bubbles

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– Alright. Okay. – Keep watching, I’ll be right back. He went through my stuff. – Hey, do not use that towel. Use this. – Thank you. – Oh! Come on, man! – Oy, boys are gross. – Hey. – [Woman] Hey. – I got you this. – [Woman] What? – Yep, you can keep […]

Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers | Parents

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So you’re a new mom and feeling pretty overwhelmed about the toy selection for your baby or toddler. With so many options what do you choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To start, babies love to grab things, something like this colorful an intriguing toy called the Swish Stix is perfect for that. Will […]

Colorful game – Rainbow Colors hair salon dressing day & Frozen Elsa Spa tanning cartoon for kids

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Frozen Elsa tanning Dress up day and Rainbow colors hair dressing cartoon

Australia’s First Ever Baby Spa Is Adorably Relaxing

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Australia’s First Ever Baby Spa Is Adorably Relaxing. Everyone deserves to pamper themselves every once in a while. Sometimes all it takes is a good bath and massage to help get your relaxation on, even for babies! Baby Spa Perth is Australia’s first baby spa. It offers high-class hydrotherapy and massages specifically for clients that […]

Baby Shower Games: Nursery Rhymes | Parents

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Quiz your baby shower guests with their knowledge of nursery rhymes with this fun trivia game. For this baby shower game, you’ll need a piece of foam core, a large sheet of decorative paper, card stock, colored envelops, colored stickers, a large paper punch tape, number stamps and a name pad and glue dots. Wrap […]

Baby Teething Symptoms & Relief : Washcloths for Baby Teething Pain

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So one of the ways to help ease your baby’s discomfort is to freeze a washcloth and give it to them so they can chew on it. It numbs their gums and also feels really good if they bite down on it. The terry of the texture will massage their gums and it feels really […]

First bath for British kitten 🧼🛁

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Who will take a bath today? Maybe I am? Tasty water. LoL Why is it so tasty? I want to swim I’ll throw the water out of here. Oh no Need to change water Where is my fluffy tail? What is this warm noisy wind? Who are you? Mommy, am I beautiful?

Infant Sleep Safety

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You know babies can get into a lot of dangerous situations in and around the home; so you take a lot of steps to keep your baby safe. But some things that are unsafe for babies are not so obvious. Did you know that babies can suffocate when sleeping in an adult bed? Babies are […]

Kaboochi | Dance Song For Kids | Baby Songs For Children | Dance Challenge

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Kaboochi Look at him sleeping The sun is up and its time to wake up… Are you sleeping Are you sleeping brother john Brother john.. Morning bells ringing… Morning bells ringing… Ding Ding Dong.. Ding Ding Dong.. Are you sleeping Are you sleeping brother jack Brother jack.. Morning bread are baking Swans ducks are quacking […]

Baby Shower Games: Rubber Ducks | Parents

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Kid’s birthday parties aren’t the only celebrations that welcome playful competitive games. Try this rubber duck race at your next girlfriend’s baby shower. For this baby shower game, you’ll need a baby bath tub, numbered rubber ducks available at orientaltrading. com, craft paper of 1- 1 / 2 inch round paper punch, a 1 round […]