Vaginal breech delivery and symphysiotomy

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Most babies turn to the cephalic or head-down presentation by the time they are born. Persistent breech, or bottom-first presentation places the baby at risk of difficult delivery, and the mother at increased risk of caesarean section. Systematic review of randomized trials shows that the chance of breech presentation at birth is reduced by attempting […]

How to Make a Stroller Diaper Cake | Pampers Baby Shower Ideas

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Hey. I’m Alison. There are lots of different styles of diaper cakes, but I’m going to show you how to make the most charming and impressive looking strollers diaper cake for a baby shower. Here’s what you’ll need. Time to start building the stroller. Remove and discard the lids of both shoe boxes. Take one […]

Dreaming in the bathtub

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so nice you could join me this evening you’re looking lovely as always thanks Howard always nice to be prettier masturbatory fans come on Katy don’t make it sound so cheap I’m sorry fiddling with yourself in the bathtub is a real class act thank you shall we get started sure but can I ask […]

Egg Cheese Dosa recipe | Nowadays my Kid’s favourite evening snack !!

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Hello friends and welcome on my channel and in today’s video again I am here with very easy and quick recipe.. Vanshu loves it and for me also it is very easy..especially for making as evening snack.. this is very protein rich and for kids it is a very nutritious let’s start.. If you […]

HOW TO clean a plastic bathtub which should be banned?

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okay we are going to be attempting to work on cleaning this thing out it this is the poorest excuse for bathroom plastic bathtubs should be banned they’re hideous and it should not take more than five minutes to actually clean out a bathtub but this could turn into an all-day event they’re horrible and […]

DAY IN MY LIFE AT WORK WITH BABY | Baby’s First Day On Set Vlog | Shenae Grimes Beech

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Today is the day that is going back to work Luckily is just for one day the campaign shoe. It’s not back to set life grinds Thankfully, so this is a big test run the new fam and we’ll see how we cope joshing bo you’re coming with me It’s scheduled to be a 12-hour […]

On The Go Baby Essentials: Diaper Bag, Stroller, Car Seat & Baby Carrier

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Even though your life is going to change, you probably don’t plan to be at home 24 hours a day. So the first thing you’ll need for a baby on the go is a diaper bag. Now make sure it’s easy to clean with plenty of room and pockets. Aside from the obvious diapers and […]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Bathtub Decals

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to show you, how to remove bathtub decals. Many time you will move into a place and they’ll have the decals, like ducks for the children, or older ladies or gentlemen. And a lot of times they’re very gritty and dirty, and you want to remove […]


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– By the way, guys, at the end of this video, you’ll also have an opportunity to buy this lovely T-shirt that I’m wearing right now. Isn’t that beautiful? And also, you’ll find a link at the end of the video to our Plumbing Disaster Series which is coming back for a second season really […]

Butterfly and Flowers

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Butterfly and Flowers A Butterfly came visiting my Mom’s garden seeking nectar from the flowers It looked like it wanted to lay some eggs, too Subscribe to My Channel Please Like and Share this video