How to change the cartridge in your Pure Spa Shower Filter

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– Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here and what we’re gonna do is just give you a look on how to change the cartridges in your Pure Spa Shower Filter, okay? As you can see, here’s the little box that they come in, it’s got two cartridges in it. One pushes in […]

How to Fix a Leaky Bathtub Faucet : Installing the Stem Seat for a Leaky Bathtub Faucet

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip we will be installing our new seats. Now when you go to buy your new stem you need to make sure that you buy the exact same stem as the one you took out. Any other type will not fit or will […]

When Can A Kitten Eat On Her Own?

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Hey guys! [gentle background music lasts throughout video] My kittens are six weeks old today and that means that over the last week, they’ve been learning how to eat wet food! [can opening] Good job, my babies! [kittens slurping cutely] (to kittens) Hey, don’t you guys want to eat too? Let’s all have a snack! […]

The Philosophy Of Cold Showers

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Taking cold showers has become a normal part of my life. Even though I’ve taken many, cold showers still suck every single time to this day, but it takes me considerably less effort than the first time I took one. Besides the many physical benefits of cold showers, let’s talk about the philosophy behind them. […]

Bathroom Toilet Coloring book Pages For kids Learning Colors I Bathtub Sink Mirror towel sink

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decoracion para baby shower – ideas para baby shower niña o niño – bebe de globos

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Hello friends, I’m Gustavo and today I bring you these easy babies to do with balloons to decorate that baby shower that you are organizing good idea to do many and fill everything with babies take a balloon 260 completely inflate it then let the air escape until a little dot forms and then you […]

Choosing a backerboards for your shower Cement board versus Foam boards

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okay so I got several kinds of backer boards here this is Heidi back it’s a quarter inch version so it’s the the the half-inch version the same this is Dorock it’s a cement board it’s a regular cement board this is wedi this is Schluter Kerdi-Board so I thought I’d do just a little […]

ShowerUp’s 2nd Mobile Shower Unit in Nashville

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Hi, this is Paul with ShowerUp. It’s hard to believe but it’s been a year since ShowerUp launched in Nashville. It has been an incredible year! Over a thousand showers have been provided…Over 500 haircuts…and we’ve been excited to partner with over 250 volunteers who have given of their time and resources to help Nashville’s […]

Bathroom Renovation Ideas Bathtub Refinishing & Bathtub Acrylic Liner Solutions

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fast affordable effective solutions for worn out damaged & outdated bathrooms Hey you can go from this to this This Bathtub was refinished in porcelain white New drain and overflow installed. Ceramic tiles done in multi-stone-accents for a dramatic new look multi stone accents come in over 20 flavors you can completely change your bathroom […]

Bus Song | Different Types of Buses! | Plus More Nursery Rhymes | 45 Minutes from LittleBabyBum!

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(chiming music) – [Child] Little Baby Bum. (upbeat music) ♫ Bus bus ♫ Bus yeah ♫ Bus bus ♫ Bus oh yeah ♫ Red bus ♫ Yellow bus ♫ Short bus ♫ Long bus ♫ Bus bus ♫ Bus yeah ♫ Bus bus ♫ Bus oh yeah ♫ School bus ♫ Shuttle bus ♫ Airport […]