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DADDY BRAD Welcome back to the Tiniest Bar
in Texas in beautiful downtown Austin. I’m Daddy Brad.
DADDY CLAY And I’m Daddy Clay. This is the show which our expert panel takes on. And
that’s Owen. This is where our expert panel tackles important parenting issues of the
day. The show is brought to you by Boon. Their modern design is perfect for modern homes,
modern parents. Daddy Brad, what’s the subject for today?
DADDY BRAD The subject today is – Do you let siblings bathe together? MAN 1 The two girls, easy, no problem at all.
You know, put them in the tub. Makes it a whole lot easier. You can play, you have fun.
They can entertain each other a little bit. LADY 1 Your question implies that there aren’t
people walking around naked in general in our household right? So, right cause what
could be the issue? DADDY CLAY They’re like “Hey, yours is different
than mine.” And that happens in the tub. OWEN Yes.
DADDY CLAY Good. I think that’s a net positive right?
LADY 1 I have a husband who tends to like to get completely naked to go to the bathroom.
They’re gonna see that naked, I don’t see why they shouldn’t get naked in the bath.
LADY 2 I think it’s fine. They need to get to know each other’s sexual parts.
DADDY BRAD I’ve got 2 and 4 and a half and they still bathe together and play. But now
the 2 year old is ambulatory enough and she’s grabbing the penis.
OWEN Woah. MAN 2 It’s a big competition between us on
who’s gonna do it cause neither of us want to. One will go off and take two kids and
that way the other person can go and do something more rewarding with their time like watching
television. DADDY CLAY So, you’re not fighting over who
gets that precious bath time? MAN 2 No, again, why would you?
DADDY CLAY They’re cute, they’re playing together in the tub. They’ve got toys.
MAN 2 Really? Is that the whole thematic concept of DadLabs, that we’re supposed to actually
like our kids? DADDY BRAD One thing you do have to think
about is when you have siblings of different genders and different ages, at what point
do you kind of yank the oldest one out and bathe them by themselves?
OWEN 16. MAN 1 You take the cues from the kids. And
when they feel uncomfortable and they’re at that point where they don’t really want to
share, they you know it’s over. DADDY CLAY Do you think you do 50% of the
bath time? MAN 2 I do about 10% of the bath times?
DADDY CLAY How do you get that gig? MAN 2 Well, she also has to do most of the
laundry and cooking. So that kind of evens things out that way.
DADDY BRAD Do you have sex ever with your wife?
MAN 2 No. DADDY CLAY In the shower with adults, or do
you ever have the children in the shower with you?
OWEN Yes, totally. DADDY BRAD Cause you gotta get the kids clean
quicker. Now your neighbors, different story. OWEN Yeah, that’s true. Like I’ve gotten in
the tub with Arden but I probably wouldn’t get in the tub with Arden’s friends. That’s
probably a no-no until she’s in college. DADDY CLAY Poop in the tub?
DADDY BRAD No, I never poop in the tub. OWEN I would say the kid that poops in the
tub has to stay in the tub. The other sibling can get out. That’s a rule. You learn.
DADDY CLAY You make them fish it out of the tub?
OWEN I don’t like poop. DADDY BRAD You don’t like poop?
OWEN Not when it mixes with water. DADDY CLAY I don’t either.
DADDY BRAD Hey, I got this video you boys ought to watch.

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