Stinky Garbage Truck Car Wash – Carl’s Car Wash

By Grover Koelpin 1 comment

(whooshing) – Carl’s Car Wash.
(chuckling) (truck engine rumbling) (truck beeping)
(lively music) – All right, it’s pickup time. (upbeat music) Oh. I think it’s stuck. (truck creaking) Uh oh, yikes! Better make a trip to Carl’s Car Wash. (upbeat music) – Oh, that’s the last of the
garbage and just in time. There’s Gus’s garbage truck. Whoa, Gus, your garbage truck is trashed. – Tell me about it, Carl. Can you wash her up? – I think so. Now, let’s see, what type of vehicle? Firetruck. Garbage truck. Or tractor. That’s it. Garbage truck. Let’s see how messy it is. A little messy. Medium messy. Super duper messy. Even for a garbage truck,
that’s super duper messy. (lively music) (rumbling) Now what is this? It’s a big garbage salad with a side of smelly dressing, urg. Is it orange peels? Is it fish? Is it banana peels? It’s all of those and more. That’ll be seven tokens, Gus. – One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. (twinkling music)
(truck engine roaring) (lively music) (water hissing) (whirring)
(bubbling) Hey, not too clean, hey. (hissing) (wind howling) (squeaking) (engine roaring) Thanks, Carl, my garbage
truck never looked so good. – You’re welcome. Smell you later. Gus, you forgot to take my garbage. Oh man. (lively music) – [Kid] Whoa.

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