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What’s up guys amino just released their new stories feature as you can see There’s already some really funny ones with a lot of views covering various topics. Just like this one here It’s worth noting that the stories don’t disappear over time on Amino like they do on other apps So as soon as you download you can have all the content readily available. I’m gonna go ahead and search the topic Let’s search spongebob as you can see. I already got a bunch of results there’s various topics to choose from they have lots of amazing content for once you’re on a menial go ahead and search AquaticNeptune And there you can find my amino profile with my story. Just go ahead and click follow in the top right then enable notifications It’s very important just so you don’t miss anything as soon as it’s uploaded I can go ahead and give you a sneak peek of my story. You can watch the full thing on amino Woah! Squidward taking steroids again! Look at this dude Looks like an alien escape from area 51 with those antennas on his head You can go ahead and click the top link in the description or go to the pins comment and click on the top link there And then you can go ahead and get amino So make sure you support me on amino know it’s a free easy way to engage an exclusive content. SpongeBob : Yo, what you up to? Patrick : UHHHH… I’m just eating a Krabby Patty what do you mean!? Uh Really Bruh?, you’re doing that in a bathtub? Well DUH!!!, Krabby Patties taste better when they’re soggy DIPS IN Always dip them in. In the bathtub. Nothing like soggy… CANNED BREAD™️ Isn’t that texture just amazing? I can’t believe you just created another Nasty Patty, dude.>:( You’re just missing the condiments. Y’know all tomatoes start off green. This is green ketchup from a green tomato. (UHH, no it isn’t) ITS ACTUALY PMS 333 The burger is conditioned! GASP Squidward : What? Squidward.>>>:((( I’m just doing my daily routine Hey it’s Santa Clause! WHAT? I aint santa! OK, I gotta finish my daily routine. D A I L Y R O U T I N E ? Pssh, You look the same every single day! [now please enjoy the sweet sounds of a hair dryer] Wow, nice daily routine over there, you don’t look any diff- OH MY ooooohhhh I want a daily routine! WRAAAHAAAAAAGH I remember when I had a daily routine. NO PLEASE I HAVE 3 KIDS (SpongeBob you don’t even have kids!) Oh That’s real nice Yeah, I’m never doing that again SpongeBob, what is this? water is supposed to be blue, this is clear, I got ripped off 🙁 *screams* Did Mr. Krabs break out a paintball gun or W H A T ? Now this is more like ocean. It’s just missing the salt I just got used to clean a toilet, dude If you add salt to this thing, I’m gonna freak out. Mr.Krabs : DON’T GET OUT OF THE WATER! What the?.. What is that in the water, bruh? IT’S JAWS *Call_of_Duty_Mic_scream_sound_effect_1.wav* You almost DiED! You have to stay in the water! wait…but why? Because! Look what happened to… poor Larry :'( Who left the water! (RIP Larry 1999-2019 you will be missed) SpongeBob! Get up!! we gotta save him!!! Well, I’m just riding the wave… you know what this means? Nah… MERMAID MAN & BARNACLE BOY I didn’t bring my bathing suit! Well we can’t just let him DiE!! He already did, brudda!! *sigh*, OK, fine, I just got to get my donut ring real quick. Ah Okay, I got it on dude. What? Yo, you already ate half of yours, bruh No, I didn’t. Yes you did, dawg! Umm, You want a bite? EwWwWwWwWwWwW, Seriously? UNITE!!! Okay, I’m going up! UNH UNH! On land! Huh… This isn’t so ba- PATRICK NO OH NO, PATRICK!! What the heck?! what happened to you? I knew we shouldn’t have left the water! We should have stayed in the water, bro! No, No! what happened to you, Bruh? Oh Hey! haha! Patrick left his donut! Patrick’s dead!!! Squidward, call 911!!! Hello? Uh. HECK YEAH I wanna be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! come tomorrow? Yes, sir! Wow, seriously? You ruined, MY, PHONE! It wasn’t supposed to get wet! GASP Patrick’s dead?!?….. huh. *SpongeBob_Scream_Sound_Effect.mp3* Wha? HOLY… SPONGEBOB!!! My bad, sorry for the scare guys The donut I bit into was jelly and I screamed because I don’t like jelly! Gotta hate them red jelly-filled doughnuts. *sigh* I wish that was bloo- O H W H A T T H E H E C K ?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- The waters getting kind of reddish (looks orange to me :P) Someone must have made another jelly doughnut! I’m uncomfortable AAAH! I gotta get out of the water! UNH, U N H Phew! Oh Yeah (Mr.Krabs, AAA-) , Imma crab! I can go on land! Maybe I should get a bigger shell though… Eh.. aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patrick : I’m alive!!! 2x I see. Uh SpongeBob’s getting eaten by a shark. I guess I better save him *Call_of_Duty_Mic_scream_sound_effect_2.wav* *GONG* That shark was so annoying Uhh…Patrick? Hey, I’m glad you’re alive! Why is the water yellow? Oh I peed in it to kill the shark. Have you seen Squidward? AAAAAAAAAAAAACH!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA- That water’s contaminated wait treasure! *clippity clappity claws* Wow, Mr.Krabs, your daily routine is going great! Oh shucks. Thanks Squidward I hit the mother load! Wait a minute! This is… ♫ PLASTIIIIIIC!! ♫ NOOO! Hey What’s this? Paint a Shrek? What did I say? What did I say about this? They can’t stop poking holes in Shrek’s Head! What did I say about that, man? Remember what I said last time? *insue flashback* Stop treating Shrek like a science experiment! You make him into a Chia Pet and now you’re drilling holes in his head?? What you trying to discover? *The Price is Wrong* Captions By: Servfong, EdMario274 [Add more captioning names here lol]



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Dude you wasted a 100 dollars on donuts. Brother

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Oh my goodness that's handsome Squidward

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bendy the devil swing

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The yeah shark puppet


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But spongebob can live under water

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