SPA Predictions for 2019

By Grover Koelpin 1 comment

2019 will be a year of continuity and contradiction. 2019 is going to be a revolutionary year. A year of representation and participation. A year of robust political engagement. My prediction for 2019 is that social media is going to continue to revolutionize how young people and how diverse people are engaged in civic politics It’s going to be a year where you see higher levels of Republican involvement among millennials. In 2019, I predict that natural disasters will be severe for the United States for the third year year in a row But I also predict that Congress will finally see that we need to be better at responding to natural disasters inside of our borders. In the new house, we’ll see a green “New Deal” put on the floor and that they’ll have new legislation that’s going to protect our environment in a very dramatic way. We’re going to start seeing Criminal Justice reform changes that treat prisoners like people with empathy, dignity, and rehabilitation. We’ll see terror groups and extremist groups like the Alt-Right and white supremacists continue to learn from ISIS’ successful use of online technologies, especially encrypted platforms. My prediction for 2019 is that the terrorist organization Al-Shabab will continue to show remarkable resilience and adaptation in the face of military pressure in Somalia. What I think we’re going to be seeing is a lot of Republicans announcing their bid to challenge Trump. And, it’s going to show us whether that the Trump Republican party is the party of the future Or, it’s going to go back towards it traditional roots. 2019 will be an exciting year for politics. With over a dozen Democratic candidates announcing that they’re running for president The real question will come down to whether 2019 will be the year of the moderate or the year of the progressive. We’re going to see Republicans and Democrats alike test the waters as far as female voters go to identify strategies that work the best so they can be applied to the 2020 election. 2019 will be a turbulent year for American politics Both parties are going through an ideological battle of what it means to be a Democrat or a Republican The partisanship is bound to continue for the next few years especially in 2019.

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Christopher Neal

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Sharing on Facebook and still considering. Wish there were some student loan bail out. Nancy and Mitch pitch Trump catches, everyone brags and gets largest student age turn out in recorded and pre-auto registered at home voting.

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