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[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am going to be sharing our small bathroom makeover with you guys I am so excited for this this is just a small half bath that we have on our main floor and so it does get used quite often and as you can see when you walk in the room it is really kind of just underwhelming in here there is nothing on the walls it’s not really decorated it kind of feels cluttered because we don’t have a whole lot of space in here we don’t have it really anything organized and so we are going to be tackling this entire space and we are also going to be doing it on a budget the first area that I really wanted to deal with was underneath the sink this was a total disaster down here there was no rhyme or reason to it everything you just kind of gotten stuck in here and it’s an area that I have to get into often to clean and get extra toilet paper but it’s also a space that I really kind of dread opening up so I am going to be organizing this space but on a very small budget because I’m going to be using everything from Dollar Tree [Music] so I wanted to talk to you guys about a website called top cashback that’s where I got all the organizing bins and containers that I will be using in our small bathroom and what top cashback is is there a website or an app that you can go on to and get cash back for the items you purchase online at other retailers they have over 4,000 retailers on their site like Walmart Target Dollar Tree the list goes on and on and how it works is you just go onto their website or app and search whatever store you’re looking for so in this case I was looking for Dollar Tree I clicked on Dollar Tree and it took me right to the Dollar Tree website and then I just started searching for the products that I was needing for this particular project I was looking for organizing bins as well as glass containers and I found it’s really nice order from Dollar Tree online because I don’t know about y’all but I feel like the dollar trees around me are just so often picked over and the more neutral colors literally popular items tend to sell out fast so this way I can actually get the items I’m looking for as well as earn some cash back which is always amazing and right now top cashback is offering y’all a $10 signup bonus when you spend $25 so that means right now you can get an extra $10 back on top of the money that you get from your purchase online so if you’re going to be shopping online you might as well get some money back and I also love that they have no minimum payout so whenever you earn cashback you can get your payout at any time I will have that link down below in my description box that will give you that extra $10 signup bonus so definitely go check that out and save some money whenever you shop online which if you’re anything like me it is a lot way more than I should be shopping online but that’s another story I have been using this app for several months and I love how easy it is to use and I always love feeling like I’m getting a little better deal on things that I’m going to be purchasing anyway if you have used top cashback before let me know in the comments and also let me know what store do you shop online the most at how we get it right every time these days we’re partners crying and I like it like that [Music] so in this little cabinet I am just putting everything that we really use often so I’m putting extra rolls of toilet paper some cleaning products some baby wipes and then of course I’m hanging up my son’s potty seat which you saw me put up with command hooks but you’ll also notice that I am NOT filling up every single space in here and there is a reason for that any time I organize a space I really try to leave extra space because things are always going to change and grow and you’re not going to have those exact same items and they’re constantly and so you want to make it a space that can last and move with your family and with your needs so that is why I’m leaving an entire bin untouched and unfilled [Music] [Applause] [Music] so this little organizer I ordered off of Amazon and I love it I feel like it’s just given us so much extra space in a small little space this would be perfect if you’re renting a home and can’t put anything on the walls so I will link it down in the description box in case if you guys want to check it out next I am just putting up some decor signs that I got I got this bass sign at Hobby Lobby and then I got the floral canvases at Marshall’s and I am just putting them up with command strips but I always love to use the velcro command strips because I feel like these are the best for your walls or at least from what I have found that these are the ones that work best and you will notice I do not measure pretty much anything I always will just level it and then I just kind of eyeball everything else my husband definitely gets on to me about this he loves to measure everything twice and I don’t measure at all but I think we need live all things it just ends up looking good anyway as long as you get it level you’re good to go let me know if anyone else is like that [Music] – a.m. and I can’t sleep without you and every ball is been closed and I don’t know what to do once you’re back back once you’re back back by yeah I want you back back want you back back [Music] [Applause] [Music] moving on to the vanity I didn’t really want to do too much in here I just wanted to kind of change up the look and make it look a little bit less cluttered and a little bit more minimal over here and only keep out the things they really needed so I just brought in a little cake stand from the target dollar spot that I already had changed on my soap dispenser to something a little bit more simple right in a brighter towel and just kind of move things around until I liked how it looks [Music] okay so excuse the shine but I am almost done I have this kind of setup I won and I love how this law is turning out but now I need to put some shells and I ordered up here Kyle’s not home right now so I have to wait for him to help me put them up I could do it on my own but I have messed it up once and they just don’t actually holes in our walls so I’m gonna wait for him and then I’m gonna stab ourselves do a little bit more organization up here and this bathroom is finally going to be done I cannot wait to show you how to turn out once Kyle got home I just had him start building these shelves for me these actually are ones that I got off of Amazon and I did slightly DIY them I just spray-painted the brackets they came black and I just spray painted them the off-white that I also used on our bar stool is in the kitchen and then they were also kind of like a gray color and I really wanted them to match the bath sign that I got and so I just wiped some Old English on them it’s not quite the same as a stain but it worked pretty much the same and I love how they turned out I guess [Music] I’m just trying to get by I don’t know how you do it trying to keep you eye [Music] [Applause] [Music] baby [Music] it came to styling the shelves I wanted to make them a little bit functional and also pretty so I’m first starting out by adding in some Dollar Tree jars that I will later fill up with some useful bathroom items and then I’m just adding a simple candle that I got from Bath & Body Works over this summer I probably won’t end up lighting this one but I really really like the outside look and then the rest of the decor I used in here it was just things that I already had around the house [Music] [Applause] [Music] I keep losin track [Music] I I just need you [Applause] [Music] [Music] one of the last things I needed to do in here was just kind of fill up this wall over here I felt like it looked really bare and so I was just figuring out where I wanted this Mir to go it’s a mirror that I’ve had for a little while but I believe I got this mirror from Marshalls and that’s actually a really good tip when you are decorating a space like a bathroom or a laundry room that doesn’t have a window in it anytime you can add a mirror or especially like a window framed mirror like this it just kind of gives off the illusion of having a window in the space and it really opens it up as well [Music] oh good and you have to see at the end edit all that without measuring it looks good it is it turns out this like you measured an element using a toothpaste No [Music] the last thing I had to do was just add the finishing touch which is just these cute little bathroom signs that I found at Hobby Lobby they were half off so I believe they’re around $5 each definitely a good deal and because this is a bathroom that our guests will use whenever they come to our house I just thought this would be a such a cute way to let people know where the bathroom was in case if they didn’t already know [Music] it looks like [Music] [Music] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope this gave you tons of new ideas if you have a small bathroom that you are trying to makeover and just kind of make up space that’s more functional and also beautiful I will link a few of the items that I can find down below and don’t forget to take advantage of that top cashback sign up bonus where you can get an extra $10 back I will have all the information down in the description box and it is totally free to sign up as well I hope you guys have an amazing day do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and I will see you in my next one bye guys [Music]


This Crazy Life

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Hey family!! I hope you love this Small Bathroom Makeover & it gives you some ideas on how to transform your space & also organize on a budget!! Let me know your favorite Makeover video I’ve shared so far & what you want to see next! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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Tanya Donovan

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Sep 9, 2019, 4:20 pm Reply

Turned out very pretty!!! And organized! 😉 Well done.
May I suggest to you finding a bottle/vase like one in the pic and putting a tall one with sprig in it on the bottom left hand shelf for some height in the bare spot. Maybe just use 2 jars on bottom shelf to make room for it. I think that would look so cute and tie in the pic of the vases.
Also love the signs outside the door. Nice touch. Good job, both of you! 😉

Anna Copeland

Sep 9, 2019, 8:36 pm Reply

Looks great, love that even a small space can look elegant and organised, Anna from the UK

Doreen Ellis

Sep 9, 2019, 12:19 am Reply

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Sep 9, 2019, 6:46 pm Reply

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Nov 11, 2019, 8:02 am Reply

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