Slept like a Baby using the Cozy Bump

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and we’re rolling hey guys oh wait we
died on my phone so we’re using Jason’s phone now sorry about that
so I’m gonna start from scratch I slept like a baby last night just a little
background history I am 30 weeks right now and I would say for at least the
last month to two months I have not been sleeping hardly at all at night I mean
I’m just exhausted and it’s not because of waking up to have to go to the
bathroom as much as it is just like pregnancy back pain and uncomfortable this as I’m sleeping
so for me the biggest thing that I have been noticing I told Jason is because we
can’t lay on her belly during pregnancy which I’m a belly sleeper and because we
can’t lay on our back we’re constantly laying on our side our hips are like
torqued in a weird position so I bought this new velour the snuggle the Boppy
pillow for pregnant women and it just doesn’t really do much because you’re
still putting so much pressure on your hips and so I was having a lot of hip
pain lower back pain sciatica pain during pregnancy and here recently something that was new is
from laying on my side I’m actually starting to get numbness on one side in
the middle of the night and all like wait roll over and I’m tingling but the
pain is so much that it really really just makes me uncomfortable so I saw
this thing pop up in my newsfeed and I was like enter
the cozy bump the weird looking strange thing here I promise it’s pretty cool
it’s also a plantation device but it was like fifty five dollars I think and I
was like how I don’t know if I want to spend that on it because what if it
doesn’t work but it’s guaranteed that you can send it back if you don’t like
it so look I’m just gonna buy it and it just went on sale like May 5th or
something like that this is pretty new and so I was like anything that says I
could sleep on my belly I’m gonna try out so I started researching it you look
closer – yeah it’s like a softer balloon but we’ll go over all the little details
and everything but anyway I looked up all the all the information about it and
it was approved for from ob/gyns and chiropractors so that made me happy
so it’s like I’ll try it now so I got it in the mail the other day used it for
the first time last night and I told Jason that I
stopped using it the middle good night only because I was so dead asleep like
comfortable that it almost scared me as soon as she looked like I mean I was
like so relaxed and getting good sleep that I thought it was really abnormal I
know right Shannon said that she wished that we had this 16 years ago yeah some
of us can use it now it’s good for people who aren’t pregnant too because I
tried it yeah it let me guys like it is so I just filled up the hall and I said
I may even so you can see how it’s awesome because it really takes the
pressure off your back so the whole concept of it is the reason it’s look
like this is your belly goes here but here and your legs kind of hang off and
what ends up happening is the pressure is immediately taking off your back like
my late in this and when I lay in it here in a minute you feel like an
immediate like release the other thing too is your belly’s here so you know
when we’re laying on our side usually the baby is squishing something in there
but the pregnancy belly the baby is basically in this hole and it’s taking all the
gravity away from all of your organs your spine and all the parts that are
starting to get a little uncomfortable but the best part for me is the hips
because that’s what has been hurting the most for me and my lower back so lower
back kind of left side pane and hips now I have been working out still I do
insanity max 30 which has actually helped me I was telling some people the
other day that oh yeah thumbs ups I actually feel better doing cardio and
high-intensity workouts rather than doing like long poses for back pain during pregnancy with piyo or
Pilates or yoga that’s just me but those tend to hurt my back pain more right now so
this has been working for me and say me max 30 so anyway I’m going to show you
how there are where’s my thumbs up the other thing that’s really nice is this
is adjustable so if you’re early on in your pelvic pain during pregnancy you’ll you’ll fill this
up more and if you’re later you can let all the air out of it and you’ll have a
your hole so the first thing I want to say is this is super soft and it’s made
from really good materials but also it’s cooling so it’s not gonna like retain
your heat from your body and then up here at the top I wasn’t
sure if I would use a pregnancy pillow or not I actually did not use a pillow last night
I just kind of threw my blanket over it and just kind of slept like this and
I’ll show you but you’ll fill all this up I do
recommend if you buy this get the $15 if you don’t have an air compressor get the
$15 air pump that comes with it because it would take you forever to blow this
hey Lauren hey Danielle hey Abby hi Peaks so let me just kind of crawl up
here I just think it looks like a weird caterpillar now somebody asked me do you
put this on your bed or on the floor you can do either I put it on the bed last
night it does look kind of goofy on a full-size bed we’re at my parents house
we’re not in our house where we have a bigger bed but a lot of things that were
say getting this we’re saying what was awesome about is they can just rest on
it like in the living room and play with their toddlers or their dogs and just
take that pressure off their back and it’s also really good you can tell your
husband’s and significant others to get a massage on this because as you’re
laying forward it takes all the pressure off of your lower back so you crawl up
here there we go Thank You Tammy it’s a nice compliment
so right now Beate I’m like out of breath because it’s like taking all the
pressure off of my lower back and it’s kind of hurting you guys know that
feeling like when you like it releases that’s what it feels like right now and
I’ve just got to kind of let let it relax but whatever I stand up it’s like
oh my gosh I just feel so much better um anyway I was like scared to death I
don’t know did I talk about this yet in this video or is in the last video that
died I Amanda I wouldn’t be scared so I slept so well I don’t know but you can
mention it again so if I didn’t mention this I slept so well last night that I
was actually scared and I stopped using that in the middle
of the night because um it was like I was so relaxed and out of it because I
was sleeping so good that I felt like something might be wrong I guess I guess
it’s like a motherly thing that happens when you’re pregnant so I stopped using
it cuz I was like well maybe anything Adria they’re gonna sleep sleeping too
good this camp it’s too good to be true it’s probably hurting me somehow and I
realized this morning that that’s nonsense
but I was just like out of it last night so tired and but as soon as I laid in it
I slept and didn’t wake up until I actually slept four hours total ongoing
which is big for me right now because usually I’m waking up every 30 minutes
tossing and turning I caught I caught her in the middle of
the night saying oh my god the beautiful unicorns and she doesn’t dream about
unicorns so you know she was sleeping well anyway this is the little cozy bump and
it’s actually really good for Jason too because he has lower back pain so he
could he actually laid on it yesterday and was able to release some lower back
pressure during pregnancy it comes with this little thing so if you wanted to travel with it you
definitely could like I said you’re definitely gonna have to get the pump if
you don’t have a compress air compressor or an air pump because it would take you
forever to blow this up yeah Mary will show you after the video the one that we
recommend will love yeah and so anyway I’m 30 weeks I’ll kind of let the air
out as I go but again the way in the way I sleep is kind of like one leg out
usually so I and I’m sure other people probably do this too but I wish you
could see underneath it but it doesn’t like squeeze you or anything it’s just
like the babies in this little nest almost but I like to put like one leg
out like this and this is how I slept like all night last night it just was so
comfortable and it feels so good pretty ponies yeah and it just takes all that back
pressure during pregnancy off your back so honestly even if you just used it to rest on and not
sleep on I think that it would help with a lot of different things so anyway I
loved it I recommend it Jason you want to lay on
it yeah I’ll put a pin over there hold on and if somebody’s gonna use it
that’s not pregnant you could definitely um so put this yeah you can just let out
the air too like so so what it does is it just takes the kind of releases all
the pressure off the lower back right here so if you get pain kind of right
there which a lot of pregnant women do um and
apparently some men do too so but yeah it’s super soft recommend it I think it
was I want to say fifty five sixty dollars happy with it so I’m definitely
gonna be using it every single night and I will be putting it on the bed and I
didn’t cover it with a sheet or anything because it’s super soft and it was
actually not hot or anything like that so maybe a good idea to push it just for
longevity yeah possibly just order another one so anyway guys that’s the
cosy bunk highly recommend it it looks like a weird caterpillar thing somebody
was also saying perfect for the beach if you are going to be going somewhere or
live somewhere where you like to the outside
read a book while you’re pregnant and not feel like you have to lay on your
back or you’re dying or if you like that so alright bye guys

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