Singer Hot Water Shower SWH 118E | Unbox and Installation with Subtitles

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Ayubowan! (May you live long) Welcome to Tech Tunez Youtube Channel Today we are talking about the installation of an Instant Shower Heater I will heat maximum 55 C Celcius and use 3500 Watts It outs 2 liters per minute Can Connect 15mm diameter ( 1/2 BSP) water pipe In Specially, the water flow sensor protects the heater In Specially, the water flow sensor protects the heater The backside of the box The idea about the water pressure Must have minimum 1m distance between the overhead tank It can use 0.1 bar – 6 bar pressure They give 5 years limited warranty It has 5 spray patterns in shower Lets un-box (Music) Let’s talk about the installation of the instant water heater Brown – Live Wire Blue – Neutral Wire Green & Yellow – Eart Wire You must use 15 Ampere, High gauged 3 core wire Connect all wires to connector bar using these halls, we can mount to the wall Let’s connect other parts Wall mount fix the rubber washer for no leaks Can change the spray pattern by rotating The triangle mark shows the selected position The red mark shows the hot water outlet Then, connect it to the hot water output Water inlet gadget has 2 filters, once is main flow built-in filter The other filter This is Flow regulator Fix it to the inlet in the main unit I think you have a rough idea about the installation of the instant hot water unit As well as you can fix any instant water heater(little bit differences) Subscribe and Like us for more videos Good Bye and Have a nice day!


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Hot Water Shower එකක් කඩෙන් ගන්නවට වඩා 1/4 ක් අඩුවෙන් හදාගන්න කැමති ද ?

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