Shower Steamers | Eucalyptus + Rosemary | Refreshing + Relaxing Scent

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if you’re a shower person you will love
the shower steamers just place one on the floor of your shower and let it
dissolve it will release essential oils and produce a quick and effective
aromatherapy session before you start your day for this DIY shower steamers
you will need 2 cups of baking soda 1 cup of citric acid some witch hazel 80
drops of eucalyptus essential oils and 40 drops of rosemary essential oils
baking soda is normally a bit clumpy but you want it very fine so you want to run
it through a sifter now that we have sifted the baking soda you want to add one cup
of citric acid and mix them together now we’re going to put in 80 drops of
eucalyptus essential oil and after the eucalyptus you want to add 40 drops of
rosemary essential oil so you want to kind of mix in and break up the little
clumps that were made by the essential oils and by the way as a tip it is
better if you wear some gloves when you do this especially if you’re wearing
nail polish because this powder is a bit abrasive witch hazel we’re gonna do a
few spritzes at a time and then work it in until it achieves the right
consistency and it holds together so this is about 20-30 spritzes I kind of
lost count but now it’s holding together see so this is what you want now we’ll
transfer the shower steamers into the mold and compact them in really well so
you wanna push it in so it’s nice and tight and if it kind of collapses like
that you add some more on top now that the shower steamers are all compacted
you want to let them settle for overnight or for a few hours in the

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How long will they stay? Can I use to give gifts?

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