Shower Sex • Debatable

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– Oh, we’re having fun we’re doing the thing,
– [Woman] Right? – [Man] Oh, slip, oh and, (glass breaking) That’s why, you see? This is why you don’t have shower sex! – Shower sex. Sexy, sure. Yeah, that is some sexy sex. But yo, danger. Who are you that you need that
kind of risk in your life? Shower sex. It’s debatable. (stoic music) – I’m for shower sex
because I’m a man of reason. – Fuck all you want. Just don’t do it in the shower. – If you’re into adventure
and you’re not lazy, then you should have sex in the shower. – I say “no” to shower sex. – Grow up and fuck in the shower. – The shower is for
cleanin’, not for fuckin’. – You’re gonna die. (dramatic music) – When you’re in a relationship,
you wanna switch it up. You can’t just have sex
in the missionary position every single day.
– [Woman] Of course not. – [Man] It gets boring as hell
– [Woman] Of course. – Sheets are not in the way, you have unfettered
access to all of the body. – Any human body covered
in water is gorgeous. Like, fucking gorgeous. You can’t really compare that to anything. – Having sex in the shower is great. Not only do you get clean– – But you get real dirty. – Everything sounds
better in the bathroom. It’s great acoustics. Gutteral sounds? Now they sound like choirs of angels. (grunting) – Ah, the sound of an angel. – Intimacy, you’re in there, it’s steamy, water on each other, you’re just, oh. – That’s another thing,
having sex in the shower, you’re clean and you don’t have to worry about sex mess.
– [Man] What mess, Yessica? – [Yessica] Period sex, butt sex, whatever type of sex you
wanna have in the shower, you can make sure it’s clean. That’s something that a lot
of people are worried about. – I’m not saying cold shower, you could take a lukewarm shower, the passion will warm up the water. (laughing) – This is another situation. If you live with your parents, you don’t wanna know what
your parents did in there or what they got in there. Live with your roommates?
– [Woman] I can agree. – [Man] You really don’t
wanna know what’s in there. – I take showers to have my alone time and that’s where I have my
best thoughts, you know? I want that shower to be my time. – Shower sex is dangerous, y’all, – Ooh! – [Man] No, no, not in a sexy, fun way! In a
way. – Water is the worst
lubricant of all time. And then what’s the second thing, to be able to just put soap on the dick and that, my friends, is a
call for yeast infections. – Bodily fluids plus water
changes how those fluids work. They don’t work. The more water you have, the
less slippery it becomes, the more friction. – The last thing I wanna
do is put an activity that’s gonna take between
two minutes and two hours. – If I’m gonna use the
water to my advantage, I also have to accept that
it’s to my disadvantage and that water plus sweet old
natural lubrication is bad, it doesn’t work. – I’m not saying you’re having
sex in the shower every day, like every time the water
comes on it’s Bone Town 2016, it’s not. – Everyone be sure to check
out Ryan’s first mixtape, – [both] BONETOWN 2016. (laughing) – Most showers, for young people, are barely built for one person. – No, you share. It’s the same thing with
the god damn Titanic. Two people can go on there. – You can do a Captain Morgan
on like, the soap holder. – Brilliant. Great idea. Put your foot on the soap. – It’s like wet Twister. You figure it out, that’s
part of sex as well. – Okay, I’ll be the girl
you be the guy, show me. What is the position, Yessica? What is a good shower sex position? – You know, you just go and
just, you know, you’re fine. – Have you had sex in the shower? – I have attempted it. It didn’t work. – And it’s a terrible experience. I could Yelp the experience
and give it one star. – A condom will break when
you fuck with the lubrication. If you add water to it, you’re adding friction
that it doesn’t want. They can only handle so much friction, especially this trusted strawberry. – How is this not gonna slip off when you got water everywhere? We’re talking safe sex people.
– [Woman] Oh my Lord. – It’s not that dangerous. – She’s a liar. It’s dangerous. – Okay but now one of us is
wet and the other one isn’t. You have the shower on you,
it’s on your head and your back, and I’m dry, I’m cold.
– [Yessica] I will angle! (stoic music) – I didn’t feel strongly about it until I thought it through like, more and I’m like yeah, no, I don’t want that. – Fuck outside the shower, all right? Don’t fuck in it. – If you’re very vanilla and
don’t wanna try shower sex, then you know, just keep
having sex in your own bed. – I think you can have sex in many places and shower is one of the many places. – If I could have sex
every time I took a shower, I’m totally happy with that.
That would be totally great. – You would be dirty always. (rhythmic clapping) – Oh honey, honey this is nice! – I think the sound
would be much different!

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