Shower Chairs – How to Eliminate the Risk of Falling in the Bath

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Shower Chairs – How to Eliminate the Risk
of Falling in the Bath. Shower chairs are devices made of water resistant
materials designed to be placed in a shower or tub for use by those with mobility limitations.
They come in a range of designs from a stool for people who can safely stand while bathing
to wheelchair types for those needing that added security to lounge versions for those
unable to sit upright. They are available in both adult and paediatric models.
Features Which Aid in Preventing Falls. Shower chairs have several features that help
prevent falls, as follows: 1. Arm handles.
Some chairs come with arm handles for gripping when entering and exiting the tub. Other models
also have handles on the top of the back rest. Buying a shower chair with handles may eliminate
the need for other bathroom handles to be installed in the bathroom.
2. Non-slip tips on legs. Rubber covers are on the ends of the legs
to prevent it from slipping when the user is sitting down or rising from the chair.
It will also hold the chair steady when being held onto to aid in getting in and out of
the shower or tub. 3. Construction.
Constructed of durable, water-resistant materials they are designed to be strong so that it
can be relied upon when entering and exiting the shower. Each shower chair has a weight
limit which should be adhered to at all times. 4. Transfer Benches.
Some come with attachments called transfer benches that can be attached to the side and
fit over the edge of the tub to allow for easy transfer from outside the tub to inside
on the shower chair and vice versa. This keeps the person with mobility restrictions from
having to climb over the edge of the tub to enter and exit.
Proper Use For Peace of Mind. Shower chairs should be appropriately used
in order to prevent accidents or injury. They should always be placed securely in the tub
or shower, sitting level on the floor. If they come with wheels they should be securely
locked. The height of the legs should be adjusted prior to entering the tub and left secure
during use. If it’s equipped with a safety belt it should be used. Securing the safety
belt around the user allows for more freedom of movement while still safely secured in
place, preventing an accidental slip. Independence in showering, or easier assistance
in caregiver aided showers, makes the routine of bathing less stressful. The shower chair
is an excellent device to help prevent bathroom falls.

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