Shopping for Baby Brother Gifts!

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(upbeat music) – I love you baby. – [Jessica] (laughing)
That’s really sweet. – I love you baby, you’re so cute. This is gonna be amazing. I’m going to paint him and it’s
going to be super exciting. – [Jessica] You’re gonna paint him? What do you mean? – Like paint your tummy so I can paint, it’s like painting your
tummy and then we’re done. – [Jessica] That’ll be fun. – Hi little guy, I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you, you’re awesome. – I love you so much and I hope that when you get older you see this message, and you know what I mean. And I love you, I can’t wait
to get presents for you, and I love you! – So we’re gonna have a
big shopping trip today. This is a family tradition
of ours where we take the kids to the store
and they get to pick out a little present for their
baby, for his birthday, because when he’s born at the
hospital it’s his birthday. So (chuckles), it’s just one of the things we do to encourage the kids to celebrate and get excited about their new sibling. Okay guys, what are you
thinking for your baby? – I don’t know yet, I’m just gonna look. I’m gonna get him something good. – I’m thinking I might get him some baby toys or a Duplo. – [Jessica] Nice, what are you thinking? What do you want to get for the baby? – A present! – [Jessica] A present, that’s a good idea. What kind of present? – Boxes! I have food, baby food. – [Jessica] You have baby
food, yeah that’s baby food. But what do you want to get
for the baby, not for Duncan? – Ball. – [Jessica] A ball? Let’s go see if they have any balls that are good for baby sizes, okay? – There’s a ball over there. – [Jessica] Okay. – I’m gonna get him a sloth. – [Jessica] That’s really cute. – Little Baby Monkey Joe here. (Jessica laughs) It’s Baby Monkey Joe. – [Jessica] (laughing) Will
that be cute for the baby to have this and you have your Monkey Joe, and then the baby has this little one? That’s a fun idea Jacob. Aww.
– Baby and Mommy Monkey Joe. – Can I have that one? – [Bailey] Do you want
to get that for the baby? – No. This is mine. This is… For the new baby. – [Jessica] So Jacob you’re okay with not doing your Duplo plan? – Yeah, I’m okay.
– Take this one. – [Jessica] Well that belongs
to Target, but it’s cute. – Or you can get it for the baby. Do you want the baby to
have it and you can share? (lighthearted guitar music) – [Jessica] Hmm, I
don’t know how well he’s gonna do sharing, okay. Good boy, is that for the baby? What a good big brother! High five! – [Bailey] Can you give it to the baby? – [Jessica] You want to
give it to him right now? – [Jacob] Can I give him a crib? – [Jessica] Aww Duncan. I think he likes it. Aww. – So Duncan look, this one can be Duncan, and this one is baby. – [Jessica] That’s a fun idea. Do you like that Duncan? – No, I’m this one. – [Jessica] You’re the little one, and your new baby is this one? (laughter) Sure. I keep hoping daddy is gonna get on that. We don’t have a rocker yet. It comes out too, right? Does it show, oh, $329. (laughing) You have big plans Bailey? – No, I want to buy it? – [Jessica] Look it has
these different fabrics too. Oh whoa, Jacob figured it out. – I didn’t do anything. – [Jessica] I think you just leaned back. – Okay. – [Jessica] Is it nice? Does it rock when it’s out like that? Are you stuck? – I’m stuck. – [Jessica] You’re stuck? Okay, let me help. Oh, now you’re gonna get really stuck. Okay, I think we ought
to get out of here dude. – Oh got it.
– Oh nice. – Oh, it comes with a llama. – No it doesn’t (laughing).
– It comes with a llama. – [Jessica] Seems complicated. I don’t know, you guys– – Oh!
– Oh! Is that really the handle
thing, that’s so weird? – But it doesn’t close it. – No, you gotta close
it with your muscles. I actually think those muscles that would be needed for
me to close the chair, won’t be super reliable on my part at that stage in my life. I think those muscles
will be needed a break. So that might not be the chair, that was the one we were kind of set on but it’s getting points against. – I’m this one. – [Jessica] You’re that one, very cute. – He’s my best buddy. – [Jessica] Aww (laughing). ♪ When the wind blows ♪ – [Jessica] Oh, interesting example. Thank you.
(Bailey laughing) Kind of weird, I don’t
know how I feel about this. (laughter) ♪ Come baby ♪ – [Jessica] Is it working? Is it a good chair, solid build? – Perfect for one baby,
and a nice loving mommy. – [Jessica] Aww it does, it looks perfect. ♪ Rock a bye baby. ♪ – All right (laughing). So Duncan and Jacob have
picked something out but Bailey we’re still
waiting on you and Parker. What do you want dude? – I don’t know yet (yawning). – [Jessica] You’re a sleepy head. – My dad woke me up. – Because you slept for
hours past everybody else. – I only slept ’til nine. – (laughing) Bailey is growing up so much, she’s going into hiber– – The baby got a little bear! – All right Bailey is going into the hibernation mode of preteen teenagerness. She’s a sleepyhead all the time. (Duncan chattering excitedly) Thank you for your contribution Duncan. – Yeah, let’s do the dance moves. Launch a bay doda doo doo. – [Jessica] All right you
don’t have a comfy bath sponge. – [Bailey] Or a Blooming Bath Lotus. – [Jessica] We don’t have
a Blooming Bath Lotus. – If they have any
Harry Potter baby stuff, they probably don’t but
if they do I’m getting it. – [Jessica] There’s a
Harry Potter baby blanket on the market but you
have to buy it online. (Parker yelling excitedly) Yeah, you loved that. (toy playing cheerful music) All right Jacob. (Duncan humming) Bailey, (laughing) Bailey’s being soothed. It works on her. Do you want to get this
for the baby instead of what you got or Bailey
do you want to get this? You seem like you like it. – I don’t know, I still wanna look more. I wonder if they have a forest
one like I used to have. – [Jessica] Yours was a fish one. – Is this the turtle? – [Jessica] Yeah, that’s the turtle. – What’s this? – [Jessica] What do you think that is? – A fish. – [Jessica] It’s an octopus. – What’s this?
– It wasn’t the forest– – [Jessica] What do you think that is? – A crab. – [Jessica] That’s right it’s a crab! – What’s this? – [Jessica] That’s called a submarine. – What’s this? – [Jessica] Can you
remember what it’s called? What is it? – A octopus. – [Jessica] That’s right. – What’s this? – [Jessica] Do you remember what it is? What is it?
– A crab. – [Jessica] That’s right. – What’s this? – [Jessica] Remember what that’s called? What?
– A boat. – [Jessica] It’s a kind of a
boat, it’s called a submarine. Can you say submarine? – Submarine. – [Jessica] That’s right. – Let’s keep this in the cart ’cause I might want to buy it. – [Jessica] Okay, stick it in there. – Can I kiss the baby? – [Jessica] Sure. (lips smacking Jessica’s stomach) Aww, your baby loves that. – Well with Duncan and with Parker I’ve both gotten them toothbrushes, so I think I’m gonna get
this Orajel’s toothpaste. – That’s such a good idea Bailey. This is so sweet. Bailey is right, she gets
them a toothbrush every time. Last time she got the
banana one for Duncan. What did you get for
Parker, was it a shark? I feel like it was a shark. – Yeah, I think it was a shark. I might get him a Bumbo instead ’cause Duncan didn’t get a Bumbo last time, and I feel like he would’ve wanted it. – Maybe, yeah. Look at these fancy
Bumbos they’ve got now. I kind of like the simplicity of the Bumbo ’cause you just like pop ’em in. But this is pretty cool too. So I will say a Bumbo or
a baby seat is awesome. I feel like the more kids we have the more people constantly
want to hold the baby. So I don’t know if we’ll be putting the baby down in a Bumbo. – Yeah probably not. – That’s why I’m like (laughing), I used it a lot when Christopher
wasn’t home from work. And when he was gone and then I didn’t have anybody else to
help me hold the baby, like if I need to put the
baby down for a second. But now I feel like everybody’s gonna be constantly attached to him. We’ve got so many people who are going to be loving him so much. Ooh, I found some balls. Duncan would you rather get
him that instead of the toy? ‘Cause I know you wanted to
get the baby balls right? Well do you want to get this for him or do you want to get this one? – This one. – [Jessica] You want that
one, so we’ll put this away? – Yeah. – [Jessica] Okay, say bye bye. I think, yeah, Bailey might
get that for him, I don’t know. – [Bailey] Yeah. – [Jessica] We’ll put this guy back. Say, bye bye sloth. – Bye bye sloth. How about this one? – [Jessica] Yeah, let’s get
him the whole thing, okay? – How about this? – [Jessica] Yeah, we can
get that for your baby. – I want this one. – [Jessica] Yeah, he’ll love that. – No this, I keep it. – [Jessica] No, it’s not for
Duncan, it’s for your brother. It’s a present for your baby. – It’s both of baby. – [Jessica] Oh, it’s sharing? Hmm. – Your baby love this one? – [Jessica] Yeah. – I love this one? – [Jessica] You can love that one but it would be a present for your baby. – Oh. – [Jessica] And you could
sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Want to sing “Happy Birthday”? ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Jessica] Yeah! ♪ Happy birthdaaayyy ♪ – So Parker and I had
to get haircuts today. So we showed up a little bit after and now we’re going to pick out
Parker’s gift to the baby. – [Jessica] Hey Parker. – Hi. – [Jessica] Wow, lightning bolt hair! Let me see this side. Oh my goodness, you are too cool! What do you think Parker, did you like it? – I like this. – [Jessica] (laughing) That’s cool! Well right now, you’re
picking out a present for your baby brother to
give him for when he’s born. – If I get this for him,
can he share with me? – [Jessica] (chuckles)
This is the same question Duncan’s been having. – [Chris] This says three and up. Three and up, you see that? Three plus, that means it’s
not for a newborn baby, which is what you’re
shopping for right now. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m just saying what I
want from my birthday. (Jessica laughs) – [Chris] Okay, that’s not why we’re here. – [Parker] I know. – [Jessica] Let’s look for
things more in the baby area. This is nine months, you
could get him nine months. – What is this? – [Jessica] This is six months. Why don’t we get something
more for like when he’s born? Look, this is more for
babies, see this area? You don’t have to do toys,
you could do anything. – I want to do a toy. – [Jessica] Okay, that could be fun, that would be so much fun
on his little car seat. – Yeah, that’s really cute. (laughing) It’s cuter with this baby. – [Jessica] Yeah, the
baby really sells it. – I think I’m gonna get this. – [Jessica] Okay. – I think it’s a good gift ’cause he can hang it onto his
car seat in these ways– – [Jessica] Oh that’s silly. – And I also think, he
also can go like this, he can also play with it by himself. – Try me. (toy mechanically buzzing) – So one thing I really like about this shopping trip especially with like two or three year old or older siblings is that it really begins the discussion of a new person is happening, and it’s not all about you young tot. Duncan especially is
going through this total mind phase and having
trouble with sharing, and just all of that. And I’m glad that we’re able to be like, “No, this is for the baby.” It’s not perfect, he’s not
gonna get it all in one day. But it’s just really
beginning that concept for him and having a tangible item that’s like, “That’s not for you dude.” And then also replacing that want with the joy of giving and having that. And Parker’s got it a little bit. I think mostly just because
he sees presents and stuff, and he’s like “Wait, where’s my present. “I want some stuff too.” We can talk about it and it’s nice. I appreciate this time
to begin that discussion and start those sentiments. So that was a great success, we got the presents from everybody. This baby’s coming so soon, this month. I’m really glad we got all that stuff, now we have to figure out a car seat. I don’t have a car seat
but you know, you know. We got a lot done today and I got some grocery shopping done
too, so multi-tasking. (Duncan giggling)
(soft guitar tone)



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