Sean Evans and Chili Klaus Eat the Carolina Reaper, the World’s Hottest Chili Pepper | Hot Ones

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This is the world famous famous ghost pepper these are scorpions right? These are the carolina reapers yeah And they are the world famous number one hottest
pepper on the planet We’re going to flip a coin on this. Are you sure? We’re going to leave it up to fate Okay. Heads Definitely sticking to wings next time. What’s going on everybody? For First We
Feast I’m Sean Evans from Jimmy’s 43 in the East Village and I’m joined by Chili
Klaus. Yeah Now this is the first time we’ve met but
I already feel like we’re friends. That’s good to hear. For those of you who don’t know Chili Klaus
is the Michael Jordan of hot chilis. If hot chilis had a Mount Rushmore it would be four
faces of Chili Klaus. You’re a legend Okay And one of my favorite videos that you ever
did was one where you were a conductor of a symphony and you had everyone eat peppers
before they started playing and that was the funniest video I’ve ever seen. I thought I would add a little extra to the
music. I think I succeeded with that. Do you think the peppers helped the music? Music is filled with passion. If you have
played the same tune again and again maybe they need a little extra Some flavor Flavor Yeah Yeah exactly What about other people? Because on our show
we’ve seen people cry, we’ve seen people have to get up and walk around, we’ve seen
rapper – hard core rappers – just bow out like little babies and have to leave. What
about you? What’s the worse thing you’ve ever seen? I had a local mayor who visited me and we
did it twice because politicians they no what to do sitting in front of a camera. Never
cry never do anything. Just stick to your case. And the second time he went to yeah.
He started puking. It was great fun. You know what I find as an interview technique.
It doesn’t seem like it would work but it does. In our show every questions has it’s
own wing and as we get further along the show the spicier the food gets the more in pain
they are. They actually are more likely to give you more information than they otherwise
would because they’re not thinking about it their guard rails. They’re not thinking
about the hands that they’re supposed to play close to the vest and they end up just
giving me everything I want for free. Do you find that to be the same exact thing? I’ve experienced exactly the same. I think
all people have kind of shields in front of them because when they see a camera they smile
they do all this stuff. When they eat a pepper the shield falls down and you see the real
person behind the shield. Let me read some of these side effects. Freak
outs. Crying. Turning colors. A high similar to a narcotic that could last up to 30 minutes. Okay, I’ve never tried that but I’m looking
forward to it. Should I tell a little bit about what. Let’s talk Yeah Yes, these are like ghost chilis. Right, these
ones? I should say these pepper and the point of all this. Is season 2 of Hot Ones is coming
at you and it’s coming at your quick. This is like my off season training. When I get
those wings in front of me no one can stop me. Because these three peppers are crazy. Yeah Chili Klaus tell me. They’re crazy, right? Yeah they’re crazy. They’re all way way way way way hotter than
our hottest wing. and I’ve got to be honest with you I’m very very very scared right
now. As far as I’ve been told this is the world
famous ghost pepper also called Bhut Jolokia originally from India and they use it in India
to keep the elephants in the jungle. Because they go out in the rice fields and playing
around and the farmers don’t want that so they put this on the fence and the elephant
comes out and oh this is hot out here and runs into the jungle. No problems with elephants
in India because of this. So this little thing scares enormous elephants
off a farm land but the two idiots sitting over here might snack on it might eat a like
a snack. Animals are much cleaverer than we are. Much more evolved. Which one is this one?
These are scorpions right? In trinidad where they originally cultivated
they used. They don’t eat them they’re way too hot for the Trinidad people oh no
no no. they fry them and put them into painful ships underneath the ships so they don’t
have problems with things growing underneath the boats. So these will yeah They have very fast boats in trinidad because
this chili pepper So this chili pepper will halt another biologies
growth. It’ll Yeah yeah It’ll kill off an entire habitat? Yeah, exactly that’s what I’m saying.
But they are very tasteful and have a very nice flavor. Yeah, we’ll see about that. Yeah yeah We’ll see. We’ll see. And these last one
these are the Carolina reapers? Yeah and they are the world famous number
one the hottest pepper on the planet and am I right? You have bought them from smoking
it We bought these in Pucker Butt in Fort Mill
South Carolina and the people who don’t know that guy is like a mad scientist. Yeah yeah yeah he’s like a crazy guy You know him? Yeah I don’t know him. I know him but The legend of him? Yeah yeah yeah. He’s a a scientist in a
way and he grows these insanely hot peppers. And like most mad scientists he’s not going
to make a more friendly version of the product, he’s going to make a monster version of
the product. so here we have carolina reapers the hottest pepper in the world but probably
that version on steroids. Like we have a monster version of the hottest pepper right here.
Do you feel pain? Yes yes yes of course what do you do to deal with it? Some people say it’s all in your mind That’s what I try to tell myself. Doesn’t work? No. No it doesn’t. But that’s because
I’m weak minded. But what about you? I’m weak minded too but I’ve tried it
so many times. so I know what I’m going through. But actually today it’s more than
a week since I’ve eaten that chili so I’m a bit rusty. Alright so let’s take these ghost chilis
out so they’re like the weakest of these chilis we have here. So we’ll just have
these two. Does anyone have a coin? Heads we’ll eat the scorpions, tails we’ll
eat the Carolina Reapers. K? Heads. Scorpions. Thank God. I think that that was a pity. Really? Yeah Alright than I’m defaulting to I’m going
off the quarters. This is a TV show so we do it the big way. Chris schonberger from
first we feast full discloser was like first for the love of God don’t eat the Carolina
Reapers because you might die. So these are the Carolina Reapers, hottest pepper in the
world. And probably even hotter than the hottest pepper because we bought them off of a mad
scientist. yeah we bought them off of a mad scientist.
Mm. Smell them. They are very very tasteful. and I don’t know this. oh my god. It’s very very tasteful and it’s fruity.
try to smell it. That makes me nervous. No no no no remember
to chew it. because if you don’t chew it
very well it will hurt in your stomach. yeah it’s very important that you chew at least
ten times in your mouth. Okay. I’ll remember that. Before you swallow it. Remember that. It’s
very important. Ready? Yeah. Cheers. Very tasteful. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, you like it? Great pepper Is this? Holy fuck? Is that as hot as you’ll go? Woah. This is very hot. I think it’s a little
more hot than my Scandinavian cousins. But it’s very tasteful too. You can also feel it in your ears you know? And my neck. Sean Yeah. What do you think about that? Tough. Yeah. As much pain as I’ve been in in a while. yeah. This is what we go through. Stay tuned for season two. Yeah. I’ve definitely sticking to wings, not peppers It’s going to split.. Nice meeting you chili Klaus It was nice meeting you, Sean. Whoa! Say hello to Sean. A living proof that it’s very tough to run
a Youtube channel. Wow. I love you man. I love you too. wow wow. Woo Everything is hotter in New York It is? Hotter in New York Yeah. That’s what happens when you come to my
city Chili Klaus. Alright so we have ten wings ten questions.
It’s not the olympics. Okay Everyone always asks do we eat the whole thing.
Just take a bite. Okay I’ll ask you the question ruminate on it.
Move on to the
next one. Ready to do this? Yup.


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Brandon Clark

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This was very stupid.

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Port City Skum

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