Regrouting shower, bathroom and kitchen wall and floor tiles with Grout Shield

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I’m delighted to introduce the Groutshield restoration system. This really is a massive step up from the normal grout pens that you can buy just for colouring in grout lines when it has got a bit shoddy – grout with mildew or whatever. So before I explain how the Grout shield system works, lets have a look at the colours, we’ve got: a white, an off-white, a beige and a grey. So we’re pretty much
covered all the normal bathroom colours We are going to treat this wall to my left. Lets have a close up of the discoloured grout before we start. then I’ll explain what we’re gonna do using
the different components of the Groutshield restoration system. The first
thing that we’re going to do is use the Groutshield pre-clean. Now this comes in a
handy trigger spray bottle. There’s plenty in here to do the whole bathroom, if you’ve got a little
hundred-millimetre-square tiles the whole system will cover 15 square meters
– that’s more than enough for a normal tiled bathroom. The bigger the tiles the more coverage you get because there are less grout lines. The pre cleaner is a trigger spray spray it on to the joints of the tiles and then scrub in using a nail brush – which doesn’t come with the system you’ll have to buy the nail brush. That’s removing most of the surplus stains or mould, it probably won’t get rid of it all but it will open the pores to the colour seal to go into the pores and do that groutline. So that’s the Pre-cleaner, and that will clean the tiles you’ll then see me wiping the surplus of the pre-cleaner off using a cloth (not supplied) Wipe the surplus cleaner off the tiles Then you will see me applying the colour seal, so in this case it’s white colour seal applied a couple of grout lines at a
time. It dries quickly so don’t try to colour too much or you could you could end up with this effect – that’s not too pretty is it? however as you move on to your tiles
you’ll get better and better. Just get a little bit on to the grout lines, a couple at a time, and then when you done those grout lines with the color seal we’ll move on to the small brush that
comes with the kit and we’re going to move that vertically up the vertical grout lines and then across the whole horizontal grout lines just to make sure that colour seal goes into the grout pores. When we’ve done that we’re going to wipe our finger carefully over the joints to make sure that Groutshield the colour seal is evenly distributed in those grout lines. When we’ve done that we fold the cloth carefully to wipe it. All of this is in the instructions that come with the restoration system. If our grout lines are quite deep we’re going to fold the cloth, get it wet, rinse it out in warm water, so it’s damp then wipe that gently diagonally across the tiles, to remove the surplus. If we’ve got shallow grout lines we’re going to use the red scraper that comes with the system – and scrape it off the surface of the tiles. We’re only gonna do it couple of lines at a time, so this colour seal doesn’t get the opportunity to dry. That makes it a lot easier to clean it off. If you are starting a wall and there is grout protruding out of the grout lines on the surface of the tiles, get a little
scraper, screwdriver whatever it is you can get and carefully scrape that grout
line that so it is at least level with the surface of the tiles, preferably below it. So that’s the full Groutshield system and we will see how we’ve got on when you see the ‘after’ shot. So we’ve got about 20 minutes to wait until we can buff it up and make the tiles all shiny. There is about 3 hours to wait before we can use the shower, floor or bath – Whatever surface you treated with Groutshield This gives me the opportunity
to tell you about the colour seal nozzle. It comes with a little cap – and it’s a
really good idea every couple of lines, as per the instructions pop the cap back on and that prevents the colour seal drying out. If that happens it makes it difficult to use. We now have time for a cup of tea before we come back and buff up. Then we’ll pan out with the camera and show you what a fantastic job you can achieve with Groutshield.

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Lotte Peplow

May 5, 2016, 3:14 pm Reply

Wow! This looks really easy and effective.  My bathroom is really grotty so I'll give it a go.

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