Protect Yourself from Med Spa Scams!

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And we actually have your attorney joining us now. From the perspective you’re looking at it, as the lawyer representing some of these individuals, anything that viewers should be aware of to protect themselves? Well, to protect yourself, I think what you gotta do it do what my client did, which was inform herself and be skeptical. And don’t worry about offending your doctor. Say, hey doc, I don’t wanna offend you but listen, I’ve heard some stuff about these fake products out there. Don’t take offense, but can you make sure, can you make me feel comfortable that I’m getting a real product. You know what, if I’m a bad doctor, that’s the person I’m not gonna defraud. It’s the well informed, it’s the people who have the courage to speak out, like my client and even the patients. They’re the ones that are really gonna be changing our society for the better. And I think it’s important to remember that even though you see all these ads, and they’re so common now, these are still medical procedures. There’s still someone breaking the barrier of your skin, possibly introducing bacteria. There are real risks involved with all of these procedures. So, if someone’s kinda blowing it off and saying this is just a light little thing, oh just pop in for some Botox, you have to know your injector. You have to know that they’re medically trained. And even in a medical spa environment, you have to know that it’s properly medically supervised with people with the appropriate training. Look around, make sure it’s sterile, make sure that that needle is coming out of a wrapper and not out of someone’s pocket, things like that. We have the privilege of Dr. Boxer Wachler here with us as an ophthalmologist. Do you know some of the horrible complications, injecting into vessels around the eye. That’s probably the single biggest complication that injectors can face. The most serious complication of an injection is it getting into one of the veins and causing blindness. And it’s rare that that can happen but that is something that people should at least be aware of, even though it’s very uncommon. Is one of the biggest take-aways just to ask questions? Is there anything else that you learn through this whole ordeal that could benefit our viewers? Yeah, definitely ask questions and just know what you’re getting before you go in somewhere. I mean, there’s definitely a few red flags. If the doctor or the nurse is not pulling up the medication in front of you, that’s a red flag. They shouldn’t be doing it in the break room, they should be pulling up in front of you. And make sure you’re noticing that there’s that hologram on the vial of Botox and make sure they’re opening a new box of filler in front of you. We wish you all the best, I know you’re going through a lot right now. But thank you for sharing this with our viewers. Something that we all can– (applause) So, the take-away here is your med spa experience is supposed to be a positive one, but obviously buyer beware.

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