PRODUCT REVIEW | 4MOMS MAMAROO Baby Swing | Rocking swing

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Good morning. Welcome back to my channel, The Caotus Life
and this video is gonna be a product review on the 4MOMS Mamaroo,is it called Mamaroo? The 4MOMS Mamaroo, um, rocker-thingy.Um, please
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more. This is the 4moms Mamaroo rocking machine
for the baby. Uh, it has various options and uh I’ll run
you through how to use it. Power it on, press the power button. You have, 1,2,3,4,5 modes in which you can
choose which style of motion you want the machine to move in. so to toggle in between all the styles or
modes, press the uh, arrow button. Press the arrow button to toggle between all
5 selections. Here’s the care ride motion. Kangaroo motion. Tree swing motion. Rockabye motion. And the wave motion. To adjust the speed of the motion, you add
or subtract. It has a variety of sounds. You press the musical note and you get a rain,
white noise, waves, and a heat beat. When you adjust the speed, this
is the
indicator of the speed. 1,2,3,4,5. So it goes all the way from zero to five. That’s 5,4,3,2,1. You can also connect your phone to here. Or connect the blue tooth to control this
unit through your app. This is what the app looks like. So you can control the motion or sound, volume,
and power it on or off. Or you can also also play music through your
auxiliary option and access your music files, Spotify, iTunes or whatever you wish. It also has a little mobile. Newborns, they can only see like black and
white colors, so this what we have it on. It has one with the mirror, squares. You can also flip it over for yellow, turquoise,
and purple, And to adjust the incline and decline. This is where you adjust the decline or incline. You simply pull the lever up and you move
the seat whichever way you want. so if you want the baby to be flatter you
move it towards the front. If you want more of an incline, at a steeper
angle, you move it upward like that. SO steep angl- flatter angle. To secure your child simply…to secure your
child to the seat simply place them in here, this goes in between their legs, this goes
over their leg like a car seat. The straps go over their thighs, to here. Let’s demonstrate that. Welcome our model. And you just pull them tight. That’s it. Oh, she waived! Thank you. That’s pretty much how you operate the 4MOMS
Mamaroo rocking chair machine for the baby. I don’t know what its called. If you know what these things are called,
comment below and let me know. I forgot to explain whether or not we like
the Mamaroo product. I personally think its an OK product, we haven’t
really used it many times but the times we have for the most part, we achieved the goal
we wanted. so what do you think about the 4moms mamaroo
machine? Um, so far it works okay. When we put her in there she’s not wanting
to get out, um but we normally put her there when she’s really calm. Opinion- its a good product. I recommend it. It cost about 300 bucks, I believe, or or
200. Please subscribe to my channel, like, comment,
and spread the word. Thank you

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