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Hey there. My name is Allison. And today, I’m going to share how to
create this gorgeous princess castle diaper cake for a
princess-themed baby shower. Here’s what you’ll need. First, fold a diaper in half so that
the waistband strip is on the inside. Repeat with a second diaper. Stack the diapers side by side
with the closed side facing the opposite way of the other diaper. Continue to stack the
diapers in this fashion, remembering to alternate the
open side and closed side. This is the key to creating an even row. Otherwise, one side will
be thicker than the other. Continue until you’ve lined
up 15 diapers in one row. Secure with a large rubber band. Repeat twice more until you
have three rows of 15 diapers. Place on top of the cardboard,
which I wrapped in gift wrap to match the color scheme. This creates the bottom
layer of your cake. To create the second layer, I
used 12 diapers for each row and created a total of two rows. Add or take away diapers as needed. For the top layer, I used the same
stacking method and used eight diapers. Now it’s time to start decorating. Wrap each layer with
wide ribbon horizontally to hold all the rows together. Secure the ribbon ends with hot glue. Repeat on each layer, and
add your smaller ribbon to create a layered look. It’s time to create the turrets. Start with eight diapers
and eight skewers. Roll the diaper after placing
the skewer in the center. Secure the rolled diaper
with a rubber band. Repeat so that you have
eight turrets total. Now wrap the diaper with your ribbons. To create the turret roofs, cut your
scrapbook paper into semicircles. Bend the paper into a cone
shape, gluing the edges together. Leave a hole at the top
big enough to fit a straw. These should fit on top of each turret. Now let’s make the final turret to
sit at the tippy-top of the cake. Roll up three diapers and
cluster them together. Secure with a rubber band. Wrap the turret with your ribbons. Then stick a skewer in
the middle of the cluster. Create a paper cone large
enough to fit the top. Next I will make these cute flags
using this easy template that you can download at the end of this video. First, cut out the diamond shape. Wrap the center around a straw. And close the ends with hot glue. Finally, it’s time to secure
the turrets to the castle. This is where the
wooden skewers come in. Place each turret
around the diaper castle by carefully sliding the bottom half of
the skewer into the diaper structure, holding the turrets in place. Insert a straw into the top of
each cone and fit the cone snugly on top of each turret so
that the straw sticks out of the top of the cone like a flag pole. For the finishing touches,
I added pink pacifiers and glued a pretty bow on top. And there you have it. From a fantasy centerpiece
to a useful gift. Your mom-to-be will appreciate this when
it comes time to pamper her princess. Click here to watch the other videos
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