Polymer Clay 1 to 144 – A Bathtub 2 Of 4

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working on the bathtub for the one 244 and I wrote this out in a sitting one and say I’m going to play them double and I’m going to cut it off in an angle right there and it’s going to cut it in the side also in an angle so I have it looking something like that and then it’s around one centimeter long so I’m cutting a gas in an angle so that’s a bottom pattern of my bathtub and I am going to smoothen it out a bit here and I’m going to roll a tiny tiny snake of clay for the edge of my laptop and I’m going to row this wreath in and when it’s thin enough for my likeness I am going to place it around my bus top here like that I’m going to smoothen out the connections when you’re happy with the shape you’ll make four small tiny legs and I do that by taking a piece of clay and I think it’s easiest if you roll it into a snake and then cut off for equal size of the snake – that’s too big three four they should be around the same size so I am going to roll this into a tiny tiny ball and I’m going to place it in my bathtub and I’m going to take my blade and squeeze them a bit making sure the sitting like I’ll like them and when you are happy with the bottom of your bathtub you’re going to bake it and make them own I begged the bottom of my bathtub and made a mold of it and now I’m just going to take some white clay and this is just a pack weight and I am starting with a few tiny dots here that I am squeezing down into the lake parts of my mold so that I know that they are filled up with clay and when I done that I am going to fill up the bath tub itself with clay here and I’m doing that with one of my Bowl tools so that I can get a nice shape in the bathtub and I just keep on working on this until I like the inside of my bathtub and I think I’m happy with that then I take some of my gold clay and I rode it out in a thin thin snake here and I’m going to cut off a piece and two tiny pieces like that the first one I’m going to bend like that I don’t know if you can see that like that and I’m going to take it and place it by the end of my bus stop right there then I take the two small pieces and I roll them into small balls and I place them on each side like that and I make the drain just with my dotting tool making a hole or indent like that not all the way through but it’s there and then it’s time to bake this little piece and then I will be back I picked my piece and I took it out of the mold so it’s right here and I’m going to sand it a bit here and there because it meets it so that I like the shape of it and the feeling and when I’m happy I’m taking my female glace and I’m placing the bathtub just with a tiny small layer of glaze and then it’s time for letting it dry and then you have your done result of a bathtub

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