Pio’s $1,000 Facial at Tracie Martyn Spa w/ Marius Morariu | Excess w/ Pio

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– For more BET and more Exce$$, subscribe below. ♪ – Try and relax.
Think of something nice. Think that you’re at the beach.
You’re at the ocean. Okay? And then you get to relax. – Hi, it’s your boy Pio with Exce$$ and BET where we check out cool shit. Today my face is getting
the red carpet treatment with Tracie Martyn. – Hola Pio! Que pasa?
– Que lo que papito? – Todo bien?
Good, good everything good. You’re here at the
Tracie Martyn Spa today. And I’m very excited
to have you here. So I’m Marius and I’m
the co-founder of Tracie Martyn. We wanted to have a treatment
that makes people look good and feel good at the same time.
We make people feel amazing while they look like
they had a little vacay. We’ve got a beautiful room
here for you with crystals. We’ve got
a beautiful chandelier. This is Irina, my superstar
esthetician and facialist. Who works with
all of our amazing clients. So you are in the best hands. – I’m ready to be beautiful
right now. My love, how long you work
for Tracie Martyn? – So I started the company
with Tracie… Not you!
Not you! The lady. How long you work
for Tracie Martyn? – 11 years already.
So, it’s been a long time. – Oh. You got sweet hands.
– Thank you. So we’re going to use very gentle microgen vibration
right now. Just exfoliates gently makes
the skin very soft to work with. Some enzyme exfoliant. It’s very gentle
exfoliating mask. Brightens and lightens the skin.
It has Pineapple enzyme in it. – Pineapple? – Yes. In my face? – Yes. – I can’t believe it! – Right now we’re doing
a little bit of depuffing. Just helps to get rid
of some puffiness. The currents
are very mild usually but let me know
if it’s uncomfortable. – Nah, we good. When I feel bad,
I’ll tell you like “Ahh!” – What celebrities
come to this spa? – We actually have a lot
of great people coming. We have Rihanna. – Rihanna? – Oh yes.
– Oh, really? – Rihanna sit in this bed? – Oh yes. – I want to buy this bed
right now. – Alright, so we’re going
to use our amber LED light. This light stimulates
collagen production. Also firms a little bit
and tightens and gives energy to the
skin cells it’s very healing. We’ll put little electrodes
on your face right now. This is electricity on my face? – Yes, which uses very,
very gentle currents. So, we’ll use our firming
serum around your eye which is very hydrating.
It’s very firming. And we’ll Work around your eyes
a little bit as well. – I don’t feel nothing. My eyes are good right now.
It’s good. – We’ll use a lotusculpt
eye pads right now. They help to reduce the little
lines around your eyes, smooth out the skin
under the eyes and they’re really
actually great before the party,
before any event because it really
improves appearance. – This is good for the next day
after smoking hookah all night? – Oh yes. – Usually after very
first treatment results would stay about
10 days up to two weeks depending on skin condition
if you want to keep it that’s all the time it
good to come monthly for this – I’ll see you tomorrow.
– Great! So we’ll use the radio frequency
over our complexion savior mask. Which is hydrating
it’s soothing, calming as well. The radio frequency helps
to realign and rebuild collagen in very deep layers
of your skin. It feels great too, it’s warm. It’s very relaxing,
this treatment. I feel like a baby! But I’m not a baby. – We’re going to finish
with our oxygen peptide mist. – Excuse me. – Now we’re done.
It looks so beautiful. – How much does it cost? It’s $450
for the red carpet facial. I just got
a red carpet facial. How do I look? For more BET and more Exce$$, subscribe below.


Savanah Honoret

Feb 2, 2019, 6:06 pm Reply

1000 is not DAT much

Savanah Honoret

Feb 2, 2019, 6:11 pm Reply

4:41im dead

Edgar Nieves

Feb 2, 2019, 11:20 pm Reply

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Caso cerrado

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Feb 2, 2019, 7:52 am Reply

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Rafting alive c

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Alejandro Ortiz

Feb 2, 2019, 8:00 pm Reply

you are a baby

Abdul Tahir

Feb 2, 2019, 11:12 am Reply

Pio isn't gay so why did he speak my love was to her not him so he might be gay co founder

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The dawn of the planet of ape .


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Backshot Barbie

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AA – 08ZZ – Thomas Street MS (1654)

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