Peep This LIVE: Burn or Bliss Chocolate | Ep. #16

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What is up peeps? I’m john, and I’m Joey and this is a very special live version of peep this right? Yeah, this is a crazy crazy episode I mean a [little] [nervous] yeah welcome welcome to the craziness [a] Little nervous, not because we’re live Because of what to say what’s in this box this box contains? maybe the most insane thing that we’ve ever taken a look at on this [shets] a Fair estimate and not even just taking a look at I mean we’re we’re about to that is just gonna get really really nutso We’re going to do this let’s peep this [intro] Alright. I’m almost just like I’m kind of sad right now kind of yeah. I’m just kind of like Not really looking forward to this, but we’re glad you’re here Mm-hmm. You guys are witnesses This is burn or bliss chocolates. Okay. This is an exclusively new Vat19 product yeah, it’s made in the [u.s.] in St.. Louis actually that’s right and right now You’re exclusive about 19. Mm-hmm. What it pet this is these are chocolates, okay Twelve twelve chocolates seven of them are regular delicious smooth milk chocolates good old chocolate okay five of them five of the 12 are Insanely spicy and you can’t tell the [difference] between the 7 and the 5 no we can’t by looking at them or smelling them or using any of Your senses other than your tongue yeah, I just got pop one in see if you’re burning or if you’re listening It’s kind of a its offensive spicy roulette. Yeah, that’s really what’s happening here, so to put that in perspective guy yeah Jalapeno yeah, that’s 9,000 scoville units okay, so breakdown to me [scola’s] Scoville, it’s the unit of measurement for spice basically, okay? So the spice ometer as we like to call it you can see a technically. Yes So the spiciest pepper in the world the spiciest pepper in the world is the Carolina reaper. Yeah Which we’ve done the sucker for yeah, you guys you guys saw how hot that was. I mean, there’s ice cream on the [I] 2.2 million ok 2.2 million on the [scoville] That’s way hotter than the [9,000] of the Jalapeno [nine] Like you’re at a baseball game you get some nachos with some jalapeno on that’s 9,000 and you’re like whoo Yeah, that’s that’s hot and then the Carolina reaper powder 2.2 million two million. You’re like hurt in the next day [hi-yah], and then this this [brine] or bliss chocolate nine Million nine on the Spice ometer Scoville units. It’s nice knowing you Rosa. This is good. It’s been a good episode sweet This is good right back nineteen, but this is going to be gonna be – [Dead] It’s Gonna be the last video. We were ever in. That’s it Okay, well um just I want to take a little quick second. Okay, [I]? Mean the packaging it’s cool who designed that packaging ah? [they] had good taste. [it’s] all I can say I designed it That’s all we need to say it’s [alright] [alright] Well what we want to do guys we want you to leave some comments throughout this video, okay? Because you know if you’ve been watching peep this that we like to try out a product and then we we brainstorm some ideas to make a commercial for it full commercial later on so we’re going to be doing that we want you guys to leave your comments now as you’re Watching this live stream, and then we’ll add at the end of this video. Yeah, when we brainstorm. Yeah, we’ll look at your comments We’ll read through them will kind of give you a live shout out Yeah, we’re gonna read them live right here at the desk and and we’ll kind of all just brainstorm together So leave your comments right now for what you want to see us do with the burn or bliss chocolates [in] the actual full commercial later on down the road so I mean we’re not going to be in that video because we’re gonna be Deceased yeah our headstones might make it in yeah. Yeah, yeah um alright. Well I don’t know if there’s really anything left to say there’s nothing left to say but [I’m] [left] to do there is something very much left to do this is a little Pepto-bismol we call it prep dough and we do the spice [we] got a prep [to] I don’t know if it helps you get it you gotta get ready It’s mentally hell, so this is a shot. I feel like this is not nearly enough Do we each need our own bottle of pepto [that] feels a little more [good] holding [over]? Yeah? Everybody put them in here Put him in there nobody yet like fill these metal fill these with petrol yeah, yeah, house do [it] here we go mmm this is that’s chalky it’s it’s kind of sweet though, but I’m enjoying this because Hopefully that saves our insides from just completely it’s my last meal. I feel like just in it going [to] uh yeah That’s just yeah, I didn’t need like a blindfold like this is a you know firing squad. Oh, gosh. It’s about that I need a cigarette Last words, all right. I’m sufficiently coated don’t smoke Here we go um all right. Here’s what I think we should do. We haven’t talked about this. I’m gonna pick yours and You pick mine of these Twelve [ah]? If you’re cool with this, I’m gonna pick I’ll hold a grudge there if you pick me a bad one I mean, it’s fair it was your fault. [it’s] right I Don’t know any more than you know all right? Well, you can’t tell by looking There’s no cheating involved here. You can’t cheat. [they] all look identical super Sniffer isn’t identifying anything, so Here we go. I’m gonna pick. I think I’m gonna go right down the middle. I’m gonna give you that one right there I was I had my eyes on that. I’ll give you right next to it all right Well, I just touched it for you guys okay, and I got to clean that’s cool. All right. Here’s my knees So they look exactly the same if there’s no difference Are you ready we okay? So here’s the rules we’re going [all-in] right no bites [where’s] [my] whole thing in the mouth, not a little nibble an entire bite and We’re going for [it] three two one I’m here got no chocolate there’s no Spice I Mean I’d be feeling it right now. I got no chocolate. I’m thinking you did [too]. No [throw] no Oh, I can’t see I did not expect that to happen It wasn’t immediate, but it is there it’s there [oh], no [hMm]. Oh Baby, [oh] we got burn and bliss here That’s a it’s a good all right Here’s a camp open my eyes, but no oh No hmm Joey can handle spice a little better than I can I’m I mean I can handle Spicy food Wow, [oh] [no] There’s the back of the throat okay, well I mean I’m sitting pretty [hum], not [ah] oh What’s the thing in the back [your] throat your you’ve you up? Yeah? I think that’s like. Just pure Lava right now ah [ah] [geez] John, you picked a bad one. I mean I guess You said you’re gonna hold a grudge. [I] really hope you don’t but it was fair friends anymore All right, you know what keep it fair I’ma do nah. I’m gonna do one more. I’m gonna do one more This is this is off script right oh, I can feel the blood like in my head Just like did you pick it is my face twice the size is it feels like it’s a little red ah oh I can’t see much, but I think Feeling good about this one Uh-huh, all right, you owe me one little spicy fred. This is spicy You Gotta buy me dinner You put the spicy no, [milka], debacle boozled it like he always does goes chocolate again ah oh Oh, baby. Oh, I’m feeling good. That’s some good job. I got say st.. Louis milk chocolate I can take taste the local Flavors, I’m really really enjoying the cocoa and like the sugar combo Enjoying is that what you just said yeah, I’m just I’m like rolling it around enjoyment over there that is Seriously, the hellishly hot challenge yeah all the stomach Oh, that’s gonna be fantastic bad gonna be really mad like it hurts in the mouth Mm-Hmm, but the stomach [oh] and the prep – oh man, [I] don’t know I Can handle spice – this is like next-level? that’s like if you took somebody’s mouthwash like their scope just Drained it all put bear mace in it. I’m gonna have them do that. You’re doing three. He’s doing three It’s not at first What in the world milk chocolate three you’re defying the odds three in a row [I] mean it I mean, maybe you should just go well if I was doing enough Let’s mathematically work this out here of the four you got one I got three so there are only there are four left therefore I’m itchy [some] normal ones left. You’re itchy I’m h that’s fine. That’s really not good man Yeah, that’s like a you might be burning a lot henry. [yeah] inside that’s normally the cellular check to spice and [you] [webmd] that My body is itchy from eating spicy. Ha I don’t even know. I mean I feel kind of invincible right now I feel like going for four Man, they’re only they’re only there’s only four left That’s your call. I’m doing it wow real live baby. I’m surprised I’m so surprised oh a spy – I got it. Oh dang. Oh, dang it. Oh dang it. Yeah, no no [hey] [now] [can] [I] go for the ice cream yet? Let’s go oh You hear the breath your breath is like Shallow, okay? Yeah, it gets really hard to swallow it already. Yeah. Oh it’s down, baby. That’s quick [oh], it’s hard to breathe ah it’s hard to breathe [ha] ha That’s [like] my throat’s I felt. It. Goes [is] up. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Your body kind [of] reacts to it like [I] also have tunnel vision [yeah], like I don’t feel like there’s anybody else around there watching me right now. Yeah, you owe me one man I do you won this Let’s pretend two brothers. Happy hardcore. [can] you see your brother in [a] tough spot? [I] like it. What do you do? eat some spicy chocolate yeah that okay, [oh] ah In the mood for some some brainstorm. Yeah, let’s brainstorm Let’s [pray] so is what I feel like doing right now Yeah, ah so what are we gonna do in [the] in the product video when it comes? [oh] my gosh? What what would you have to do? [ahh] to eat this like if you didn’t know it was coming well, okay? You have to explain it would just be hard or just be like tortured. You know it’d be too mean to prank somebody dizzy I’m dizzy. Oh boy the room is spinning. It does get a little nauseating. You’re like spinning I can yeah here comes the numbness the numbness is sitting in I can barely talk How did you not read for ice cream? Just huh? [oh] that feels good knowing that I’m not pulling it, okay [no], I feels good. Thanks. I feel like we need [to] walk around the studio with just like yeah large bills right no How did Dollar huh? [just] feel like [you’ll] need some burner bliss out of bucks no 200 bucks Give it to random people like that 19 yes offer to pay them cold hard. Cash. I think that’s what it would take Mm-hmm I don’t think you can get anybody to volunteer. Oh Nobody would bonus you do these idiots right here. Yeah, I mean, I’m getting paid for this right? Hey How do I see the cash come online it says [200]? It’s weird the lips are really getting like no I’m like when you go to the dentist [you] go like barely open your mouth. My vision is really closing down Boom job just might be out for the rest. Oh my gosh, my ears are tingling Do you want to go to the comments? See what people yeah, I’d suggest gonna con the main video Mm-hmm We want to see what you guys have said Okay, [you] might have to read I can’t see anything my visions gone. All right. I’m just gonna be edward Snaggy on something melt it and make in two different chocolate food. Oh my gosh Smells all of it down. I make like a chocolate like spicy bunny like an easter bunny. It’s like evil, but really good lover I’m like Mm-Hmm. Make like a chocolate easter bunny. That’s just like yeah the worst Mm-hmm That’s like it. That’s good. I like melting. I mean then I don’t know yeah. I feel like melting it and heat There’s got to be something some good there, Sdr. Live have someone turn into Satan while eating burner bliss chocolates. Oh I got like he’s present like yeah right here feeling that the dark present like made a little tent in my mouth, huh? Huh, set up camp. Yeah, [no] Growing a tail, right? Okay, what meme lord seriously you want to see us eat five at once [I] basically did that much did yeah? I did four. Yeah, that’s right think I don’t even remember [Kim] [it] means like all the hot ones which is just you don’t know in the police academy Don’t they mace you isn’t that like one of the things? I think I’ve got to get maced and tased Maybe yeah in order to carry mace. [I] think [maybe] I could forget the mace and just have them do this [I] here’s a problem man. Lord. You know me [meme]. Lord. Sorry you don’t know Which ones are spicy so even if we wanted to eat all the spicy ones in this package? There’s no way to tell we don’t have some secret code to figure it out. You just gotta taste it Yeah, I kind of like this one verbal T-rex [surged] become a spy and use this as your one year, [wow], that’s good We have a spy character wait. I don’t know if we’ve revealed his name in a video That’s a good time to tell you James blonde Joey’s Joey’s uh Spy characters names James blunt yeah Mm-Hmm, and Daniel Craig Pff all right those right frame is awesome. You’ve eaten a lot of them. Huh o [Sayyaa] see here ah brute Captain It’s a brute captain a hunt one hundred a dragon eats the hot stuff then breathes fire. That’s yeah, well Here’s what I [mean], we got to find a dragon. That’s the hard part yeah, but I don’t think Craigslist Maybe yeah, we could probably find a dragon [exist] Yeah, but we wouldn’t have to do any special effects you [give] a dragon one of these chocolates. [you] [got] real fire You get one of us. I think if we just like exhale heavily enough it would come [out] as fire. Yeah Yeah, that’s how [my] sounds like it. No. I’m losing here goes. I’m losing it [alright] [oh], thank you guys for those comments. [yeah] some good calm We’re gonna be reading through some more of those later as soon as my vision returns you want ice cream? I’m just tired now like physically tired cause Austin yeah yeah, yeah I say it last time you were legitimately sad legitimately sad I kind of feel okay [right]? Yeah, I got it was intense ah Thank you guys for those comments now the fun part. Yeah, what we’re gonna do Like we do every episode of peep this you guys know if you watch peep this This is the part of the show where we peep it and you keep it. That’s right We’re gonna give three away this time not just one. That’s right So how do they enter three full packages you [gotta]? Hop on Twitter, okay? Tweet out your favorite spicy related Vat19 video the Hashtag burn or bliss Hashtag Burner Bliss your favorite Spicy, Vat19 video and Then so I mean we got tons of them with [ya] like we said earlier the Carolina reapers suckered people this yeah the Carolina reaper Powder where I I did this you know I did one of these And put ice cream. [I] have [a] good idea. [oh] fire. Jess it still feels good it still feels good ah Yeah, I have tried that. I might hear I’m gonna yeah go for it. Yeah, you want some of this yeah [alright] I’m I’m in there. Hey put it there pick a spicy. [oh] video from [Venom] good tweet [it] out Hashtag [burner] Bliss And we’re gonna randomly pick three of you guys to win your very own package or burn or bliss chocolates And then you can put ice cream in your iseman cuz it [just] hurts that bad Mm-hmm. Uh-huh, huh? That’s what you’re gonna want [to] well. Thank you for subscribing Thank you for watching guys and actually yeah You got to make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already it’s very point And I mean we have new videos all [the] time you don’t want to miss them You don’t want to miss the alert so subscribe, and you don’t want to miss the berner bliss commercial when it comes out? Yeah, especially if you left a comment. You’ll see but potentially you’ll see your comment in the video [that’s] right. Look out for that. [no]. Thank you guys for watching very first live peep this yeah later Peeps



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And I'm over here drinking milk every single bite of my takis

Maria Lopez

Jul 7, 2019, 3:54 am Reply

I mite buy burn or bliss

Thunder Struck

Jul 7, 2019, 1:54 am Reply

If you guys are wondering an average human can take 16 billion Scoville before dieing

Kylie Stemen

Jul 7, 2019, 2:30 am Reply

Make cotton candy

Theo North

Aug 8, 2019, 10:47 am Reply

This isnt live! Soz Vat19!!

Aimee Van Agteren

Aug 8, 2019, 3:09 am Reply

Have a taste of hell

carol castillo

Aug 8, 2019, 5:41 am Reply


Julianna Perez

Aug 8, 2019, 3:37 am Reply

6:49 I paused at the glitch I and the background is red and they are purple. :/

Gaming World

Aug 8, 2019, 1:47 pm Reply

The glitch scared the soul out off me

Jay Xantos

Aug 8, 2019, 10:30 am Reply

Vat 19 is my dream job , not even just for the videos but the creativity of it and all the practical and impractical applications are awesome congrats you all are living the dream

lil_pufs cutie

Aug 8, 2019, 12:14 pm Reply



Aug 8, 2019, 4:43 pm Reply



Aug 8, 2019, 12:59 pm Reply

Hi πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Anna Williams

Aug 8, 2019, 4:14 am Reply

It is the

Anna Williams

Aug 8, 2019, 4:15 am Reply

It is the spies

yashi sodha

Sep 9, 2019, 1:06 pm Reply


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