Retro Vs. Modern | How Much Difference Do Running Shoes Make?

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(grunts) – What the hell are you wearing? (upbeat Eighties music) (record scratch) Hey, what are you wearing? – What? I thought we were just going for a run. – Well, we are. But that headband, and those shoes, what are they? – [Mark Threlfall] These? These are a 1980’s classic. (upbeat Eighties music) – […]

Best Lesbian Films? [CC]

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J: Hi C: Hi J: Happy Pride Week! C: Yay! J: So today is actually Brighton Pride. We’re at “Summer in the City” but going to Pride later. C: But we’re not actually there right now. We’re in our own house. But- J: Through the magic of the internet, we are in two places at […]

Star Shower Slideshow Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products

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Star Shower Laser Lights, Christmas Lights Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products hello you guys and welcome back to another vivian tries I have for you today some really cool as seen on tv products so these are called star showers I found four different varieties of them I am gonna split them […]

Top 10 Scary Alone In The Shower Stories

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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Scary Alone in the Shower Stories. I love a good shower. In fact, shower time is like my healing time… my bathroom is one of my favourite places in […]

Baby Essentials: How to Prepare For a Newborn Baby

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Hey everyone! I’m back with new hair, and a new set and some new information for you. Today We are gonna be talking about what you absolutely need when you bring home a new baby, so let’s get to it! Whether you’re a birth parent or adoptive or foster parent I’m sure you’ve noticed that […]

Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Mohabbat Hai Mirchi | Hindi Movies | Action Movies

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‘This Ameer pet of Hyderabad is known as place for youth.’ ‘New boys and girls keep coming here.’ ‘Madhura Hostel is situated in this place.’ Hey! Stop, stop.. At last I have reached. Come on remove it from pocket. Studious children. If you keep right foot then it is auspicious. Welcome to Nana hostel. – […]

Going to the Bathroom in Your Wedding Dress

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Well, one event where you can be selective with the guest list is a wedding. But before a bride walks down the aisle, she has a lot of planning. So where will the wedding be, what types of flowers to get, and how to go to the bathroom, wearing that giant dress? Well, ladies, there […]

“Flowers Birds Butterflies etc in my terrace garden” Indianature’s photos around Mumbai [Bombay]

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Care & Culture of Christmas Cactus

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Hi, my name is Byron Martin, here at Logee’s Greenhouses, and today we’re going to be talking about the Christmas Cactus, or the ‘Schlumbergera.’ This is one of the most famous house plants that is used for color at this time of year. And these are actually tropical epiphytes, meaning that they come out of […]

Pebble Tile Shower Floor Tips (5 Key Concepts!) — by Home Repair Tutor

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In this video we’re going to share five tips for installing a pebble stone shower floor. This is one of the coolest types of floors that you can install in a custom shower, but there are things that can give you some major hiccups. And we wanted to share with you today what you should […]