DIY BARBIE HACKS AND CRAFTS: Creative Craft Ideas Using Popsicle Sticks

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Replace Old Bathroom Water Supply Lines (Without Leaks!) — by Home Repair Tutor

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One of the worst things that can happen in a bathroom is a water leak, especially at the toilet or at the bathroom faucets. So in today’s video, we’re going to give you tips on how to replace the bathroom water supply lines for both the toilet and the sink and to do it without […]

[ENG CC] 내 취향대로 맛있게 싸 먹는 월남쌈 : Spring Rolls [아내의 식탁]

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Please check the description box below for specific ingredients. Slice paprika into 4cm long. and cut pineapple 3cm long. Slice onion into 4cm long and soak in cold water. Break eggs, mix enough in a bowl. Add enough oil in a frying pan, fry egg mixture, and slice into 4cm long. Bath shrimps in boiling […]

[ENG CC] 바삭바삭 손이 가는 고구마칩🍠 : Sweet Potato Chips [아내의 식탁]

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Please check the description box below for specific ingredients. Rinse sweet potatoes and slice it into 0.5cm thick disks. Rinse sliced sweet potatoes again, and bath in cold water for 10 min. Giving sweet potatoes a water bath can remove starch from them, so it makes not attached to each other when to fry Place […]

How to Clean a Shower

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How to Clean a Moldy Shower with Greased Lightning (Product Review)

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How do you clean the muckety-muck off the bottom of your shower floor? Eww, yeah that’s a great question and we’re going to talk about that today. In the process, I’m going to share with you a product called Greased Lightning, and this is the super strength. And I’m going to tell you how it […]

Why Doors in Public Toilets Don’t Reach the Floor

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So how do you feel about public restrooms? Dread? Thought so. But have you ever wondered why toilet stall doors rarely reach all the way to the floor? Well, it turns out that there’s not one, but several fully valid reasons for not enclosing bathroom stalls! Some of them are obvious, while others turned out […]

Top bathroom ideas to consider ‘BEFORE’ you renovate – Design Lesson 14

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bathroom design involves so many things often coming together in a limited space from showers to soaking tubs to sinks and style all of it needs to come together in one seamless efficient and enjoyable space some of these details are even more important than what tile to use on the wall versus what tile […]

[ Korean gay couple Vlog ] green shower date / 게이커플의 힐링데이

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Oh, how interesting Let’s get inside, honey~ Honey, look at this It looks like seasoned vegetables, doesn’t it? Beautiful Over here Wow it’s very nice Wow~ Wow~ Whoa~~ Wow, there’s even an “Ondol” room (“Ondol” room: korean traditional floor heating system) Oh, it’s a “clay” room~ Woah, here’s a terrace Balcony? Terrace? How do I […]

🔴 SHOWER + BOX FAN SOUND with Dim Screen = White Noise Sleep

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Hey everyone! For this weeks relaxing sleep video I know many of you enjoy water sounds mixed with fan sounds. So I’ve taken the time to set up two box fans inside this shower. We are going to turn the first box fan on, and then the shower head that we have back lighted with […]