(ENG/SPA/IND) Kim Hee Chul and Seo Ji Hye Suspicious from their First Encounter | #LifeBar | #Diggle

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I said “Hello” and he said “How old are you?” So, I said I was born in 1984 Oh! You’re 1 year younger than me Yes, so I said I was born in 1984 and he goes “Oh, you’re a baby” Aaahhhhh!!! So gross!!! Was he already drinking? [Fighting and calling each other “baby” from […]

Обзор Small Family & Spa Resort Dolomites – FAMELI

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sour God! This is a theatre and toilet! That’s okey. Not bad. it’s edible. I’m stuffed. Ciao! Hi! This one? Open! 110? 110? Close. Hotel Fameli is located in Valdaora. You can reach it by car, come up on cable railway and enjoy the nature. It’s beautiful too there. These hotels are very big. There […]


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Hey whats going on guys SSundee here. And uhh dudes, this going to be a different type of video. I haven’t done one of these videos in a long time. Uh Myself and Madelyn, we are currently, redoing, remodeling our bedroom and bathroom. I’m going to shoot through that in a little bit Uhh also […]

Mid-Year Reset · Getting Back on Track + Reviewing Goals (+ 3-Day Bathroom Make-Over!)

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I always find this time of year the perfect time to reflect and regroup and get back on track- or, in my case, get on track. Mainly because it’s the middle of the year, feels like we’ve been going uphill, we’ve reached our peak, and we’re kind of winding down- a long way down- to […]


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Tap-Drill, Drill Bit Set

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We all know taps require odd size drills. My quarter inch tap takes a number seven drill bit, my five sixteenths tap takes an “F” size drill. A drill that’s even three thousandth to small can result in broken taps. A drill that is oversized will produce weak threads that are prone to failure And […]

Baby Massage Techniques

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Doing simple baby massage techniques helps your baby get through trying times such as teething and colic. However it is also a fantastic way to improve bonding and attachment between baby and mum and dad. Let me show you some simple techniques that you can do at home with your baby. Before we start any […]

Natures Bliss | Black Screen | Birds Chirping | Relaxing Music | Spa | Global Mantra

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Black Screen Video

Why Do Clothes Shrink When You Wash Them?

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I think I need help with my laundry. Hello washed and left out to dry, Trace here rockin’ new duds on DNews. You might think science is something only done in labs, but every week-or-so chances are you suspend organic and synthetic fibers in a solution of water, enzymes, surfactants, and detergents to confine particulates […]

Ro-Tap Separator

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