Epic Dubai Weekend Getaway | self-care, books, spa, retail therapy, & more

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Just finishing up my packing! Hey guys so I am at the gas station. I had to fuel up my car but also I had to fuel up. Actual fuel. Actual bodily fuel. I needed a sugar rush so I got a Boston cream doughnut and a coffee and I’m on my way to Dubai […]

How to Make a Honey, Egg & Milk Mask | DIY Spa Facials

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How Dry Cleaning Works

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I’m here today with the clothes belonging to Henry Blodget and we’re going to take them through our luxury process here at Maurice what is dry cleaning reality is is that it’s nothing dry about it the clothes get wet with a solvent not with water as in washing so our solvent here is hydrocarbon […]

Daily Concepts Facial Scrubber and Wash Cloth Duo Set

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My Dream Closet & Master Bathroom Makeover!

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Emma Thompson and Jimmy Wash a Sheepdog and “It’s F-ing Glorious”

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-You are hosting “Saturday Night Live” for the first time. -Yes. -This is very exciting for you. -I’m literally — I-I’m upstairs. -Yeah, you’re two floors away. -I’ve come down from rehearsal… -Yeah. -…where I was wearing rather filthy dungarees — I have to tell you. [ Laughter ] I was rehearsing, and — and […]

Why You Should Not Wash Meat or Poultry

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>>Because of the way bacteria attaches to raw meat, poultry, and seafood, Lucia will never be able to wash off all the bacteria that may be present. And during the washing she could actually spread bacteria around the kitchen. Lucia should never wash meat or poultry. Cooking them to a safe internal temperature is the […]

How I Filmed a Shower Scene for Global TV! (my Dove commercial)

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I can now check showering on global television off my list. Hey guys! It’s Molly here again for another video, and today I am wearing this off-the-shoulder, super cozy, luxurious.. (It’s from H&M, so it’s, like, not really that luxurious) ..luxurious.. Really – like – fluffy, cozy sweater. And that reason I am wearing this […]

LOS FAMOSOS TAPS DE CADAQUÉS | El bizcochito más esponjoso

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Cadaqués, in the province of Girona, is one of the most beautiful villages of the Costa Brava. Trapped between mountains, his image of town Fishing still lingers in many of its corners. Today, it is, above all, a tourist destination ideal for families: quiet, little crowded and absolutely charming. There are few essential things to […]

Heron. open doors with a tap. | by Milbat

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Heron is a small independent robotic unit that allows you to open any door with just a tap on your phone Especially those heavy doors in public buildings. If you are in a wheelchair have a baby in your arms or in a carriage if you are old or just lazy. Whenever you say to […]