My Dream Closet & Master Bathroom Makeover!

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David Spade’s ‘Worst Bathroom Trip in 20 Years’

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You had a little procedure done. It’s all about your physical health today. Yeah, I had to get a colonoscopy, which when you turn– Was that your first one? Yeah, I’m 41, so what happens is– you think I’m 41? Ah, I just wizzed that by you. No, at a certain point, you have to […]

Cecil’s Cement Mixer Gets All Spick-And-Span | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

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– Easy does it. (beeping) Perfect. – Thanks Donna, I’ll take it from here. – No problem, Cecil. (upbeat music) I love watching cement spread. When it dries it’ll be smooth and as hard as a rock. (whistle blowing) Excellent, time for lunch. I wonder if Harvey’s Hot Dog truck is nearby? Time to get […]

Peak Design Packing Tools Review | Tech Pouch, Wash Pouch, Packing Cubes, Camera Cubes, and More

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Idea De Centro de Mesa para Baby Shower-BSC004-2018

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Hello Friends Nayeli from LACrafts here Today we’ll be make a beautiful centerpiece for baby shower for our centerpiece, we’ll be using half pearls, a foam disc a wire umbrella mold foam sheets, lace, plastic favor blocks and a plastic charm sign our first step will be to begin decorating our umbrella we will separate […]

Regrouting shower, bathroom and kitchen wall and floor tiles with Grout Shield

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I’m delighted to introduce the Groutshield restoration system. This really is a massive step up from the normal grout pens that you can buy just for colouring in grout lines when it has got a bit shoddy – grout with mildew or whatever. So before I explain how the Grout shield system works, lets have […]


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Beginner Tap Dancing Steps : Three Tap Riff in Tap Dancing

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Hi, I’m Emily Larew and we are continuing on with adding to our tap basics. We’re going to teach you how to do a three tap riff with a ball change. So, what we are going to do is we’re going to turn around. Three tap just means exactly how it sounds. We are doing […]

SCA by Adrienne Skin Spa Supercharger Facial Kit

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Max The early years 91 Looking for origins (Sub Eng, Spa)

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You should get some rest Max. I’m not tired. You’ve been on the PC all week and still have not found anything. Chances are that this bar no longer exists. Where have you been? It is a chat room. A chat room about what? Geeks? No, it’s a sort of club of friends of the […]